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How To – Part 7 – Go Boho

Boho or Bohemian was a term coined by the French and a classification of people who were unconventional – inclusive of literary and artistic intellects, travellers, gypsies and vagabonds. One of Britain’s most notorious Bohemians was Sir Oscar Wilde and the people with whom he associated with.

If only we could nip back in time and take a peep into his home interiors, we would have a fine example of the eccentricity and understated elegance that this style embraces. If you want the Bohemian look you will have to accept that normal decorating (if there is such a thing) is totally out of the question – rules will be broken!

Bohemian equals bold – choose rich colours for walls such as a deep red, purple or green. Apply this colour scheme to furniture too and play around with upholstery and curtain fabrics – lots of fabrics. Tapestry rugs, sofa throws, cushions and even scarves lying here and there. Contrast is one of the key elements of this look so don’t be afraid to lay blue next to green and so forth. Black and white or dark colours with light colours can also set the right mood – its almost as if you didn’t care or make an effort when colour coordinating (you didn’t!)


On the subject of walls, we really shouldn’t hold you back from wallpaper – besides, it is becoming a hot trend again for interior decoration. Better still, you can find the perfect prints and designs for the bohemian look – think about those with a strong base colour such as mustard yellow with a flamboyant print of flowers or little birdies in delicate tree branches. Which brings us back to Oscar Wilde and the days of Aestheticism – there was a focus on natural shapes and curves that were a little oriental in everything from furniture and wallpapers to lamps.

Lighting is another important aspect to this style and should be more of a glow by evening than a bright light. Choose light fixtures that have heavy shades to keep the lights down low – a few candles dotted around would also have a good effect.

Treat the windows with ready made curtains that can be hung to the floor and easily drawn shut for times of privacy. Plants can make great finishing touches to the Bohemian home as it has a close relationship to nature and the world outside the front door.

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