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How To – Part 4 – Achieve Parisian Panache

Parisian panache is not for the faint-hearted as it plays on ones confidence for style and can be quite flamboyant – there will always be something unexpected! So is it a little of the French flair that you wish to pursue in your very own environment? We have some great advice and tips on how you can achieve the look so you can start planning your dream home.

Being somewhat crazy towards your interior design will be a lot of fun and could bring out creativeness in those who didn’t even think they had such a skill! The key to Parisian panache is to not hold back – be flamboyant, be over-the-top, be ultra feminine with flowered prints or go big on ornamental pieces. This style is dramatic like a theatrical performance (think Moulin Rouge) and every piece will tell its own story which is why it isn’t a bad idea to scour some antique shops whilst your decorating.

Certain homes will embrace this style easier than others – if you have high ceilings and period features such as crown mouldings then you will be at an advantage – although crowning and high skirts can always be put in if you really must have that grand period feel to interiors. Gilding can also make a lot of change to a dull and lifeless room – you could use golf leaf on existing mirror frames or give old dining chairs a lift with gold legs.

The more modern approach to Parisian Panache is also interesting as brighter colours are used together with vintage pieces of furniture or patterns. This style calls for a piece of furniture so much that you really shouldn’t go without – ornate chairs upholstered in fabric. Choose curtain fabrics that have a wonderfully feminine and vintage floral pattern – you could really do yourself a favour by visiting a fabric warehouse online that will have the biggest range of patterns, materials and colours available.

Aside from floral pattern and gold detailing, another element to Parisian Panache is black. It is all about contrast, glamour and drama after all – you couldn’t do better than mixing vintage floral patterns in pink, blue or yellow with a stark black. Look for obscure black and white photography to hang on walls with gilt frames – you could even make a focal point by grouping a number of photos together on a part of one wall, perhaps above a piece of ornamental furniture.

Keep away from the clean lines of contemporary design – it has to be fluid, curved and feminine. Stripes can work too but make sure to mix them in with other patterns of a more feminine nature. Staying on the subject of fabrics, look for pieces that are really luxurious and over the top – a large rug with equally large Baroque style print in black and white. To finish off the look you will want to keep your eyes peeled for unique and ornate chandeliers and/or pendant lamps – the more obscure the better!

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