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How To Get The Look – Part 1 – Create A Modernist Interior

Are you looking for information on how to update your home and go for the modernist look? Well look no further as we explain some of the highlights of making that change and provide you with some handy tips and ideas so that you can set off on the right foot.

An important thing to remember when playing around with modernist ideas is to not lose sight of your own personal tastes, style and your own ideas as to what makes your home comfortable for living in. Many of the modernist homes we are acquainted with today are monochrome, minimalist and create a space that is both soothing and not so demanding on the eyes.

The overall look of a modernist home is light and uses clean lines that resemble greatly the design influences coming out of Scandinavia. Materials such as glass or furniture with a gloss finish reflect the light and enable it to bounce around the room creating a more open and fluid space. The kitchen is a great room to begin with the modernist look as the use of chrome, white and natural materials are not only perfect for the design but they are very functional in a room that requires cleanliness, light and simplicity. The use of light woods can inject a more warm, homely and traditional feel to the kitchen and tied in with chrome accessories and gadgets you have a modernist look with a twist!

A modernist look does not mean that every item in your home has to be contemporary and/or brand spanking new. Some of the more interesting modernist homes achieve their look by combining the elements from sleek design with something more peculiar or by using splashes of bright colour.

Another tip for the modernist home is to throw in the odd antique – this blend of old and new creates a balance for homes that need to look slightly lived in. When you bend too far towards minimalism and absence of colour it can be difficult to see where the showroom ends and your home really begins.

When you begin to create this look it might be wise to start with neutrals or better still the monochrome black and white palette, whose only other colour includes the few shades of grey. This will be the base from which you will work from. When you fear that monochrome is too ‘cold’ then look for other natural elements such as wooden Venetian blinds or the use of sensual fabrics in rugs and cushions.

Choose your favourite colour whether it be red, blue, green etc. and give rooms a little more life and character. You can achieve this with the smallest of accessories from flowers, vases, artworks, blinds or curtain fabrics. As long as you have the key elements covered, your modernist home can take several directions and doesn’t have to be the picture perfect that you see in catalogues or showrooms.

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