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How To – Part 7 – Use Wood Within Your Home

We want to take a look at how you can use wood within your home and how colour can enhance the various wood tones. It might be that you already have wooden furnitures, flooring, doors or window frames and you are looking for colours that will compliment them.

On the other hand, you might be searching for new wooden items to improve the look of your home. Wood, as a natural material, can bring an earthy quality to the home – warmth, cosiness and even a sense of security. Wood, when taken care of, can really stand the test of time and will always be a good investment.

The colour tones in wood can vary from the light and natural look of pine, to the dark and rich tones of mahogany. More often or not though, it is the finish of the wood that can make all the difference. Every wood has a natural pattern or rather grain and the colour can vary from light to dark or with red undertones. Even then, wood can change dramatically when given a stain or varnish.

Coordinating Colours For Various Wood Finishes

You can really only go in one of two directions when choosing colours to go with your wooden furniture, flooring etc. You might have a preference for contrast which results in a bolder and more dramatic look, or you might be more drawn to a softer approach with colours that harmonise with the wood tones.

Going For Drama:

  • Experiment with the contrast between light and dark. This could be a dark colour on the walls with pine furnitures or darker woods such as cherry and mahogany with light colours on the walls and in curtain fabrics.
  • The complimentary colour scheme will be useful when you want to achieve a high contrast and bring attention to the wood in your home. Pick out the most dominant tone of the wood and then choose colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. For example, mahogany has a red undertone and therefore would look great with green walls or duvet covers in a bedroom.

Going For Harmony:

  • To harmonise the rest of your décor with wooden furniture, you could take tones that are similar or close to the main tone of the wood. Red tones to go with mahogany, yellows or creams to go with lighter woods. Alternatively, you could use neutrals in your décor which will maintain a relaxed and not too busy atmosphere.
  • Remember the relationship wood has with nature and think about the colours it would naturally be complimented by – greens, browns and other earthy tones.

Wood For Finishing Touches

Wood doesn’t have to exist only in flooring, doors or as wall panels. There are many wonderful pieces that can be added to any room and give it a change in appearance. If you want to begin gradually with wood then why not go for wooden Venetian blinds instead of curtains or some decorative pieces such as vases or picture frames.

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