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How To – Part 5 – Add The ‘Wow’ Factor

With a few changes, you can take your home from being like any other to having a certain ‘wow’ factor – making you all the more happy to be in the home and to have guests over. You don’t have to splurge either, small details that are not costly can make big improvements that look lavish and enticing.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to add the ‘wow’ factor and how to do it on a budget. Gather up the following things and we can begin – imagination and a fearless approach to change!

  • Walls – A fresh lick of white paint is not going to turn heads. What you could do to jazz up your walls is use murals or print wallpaper both come with unique designs and prints that can be very impressive when used. If you can afford to, you might want to choose one room and decorate all four walls with a printed wallpaper. Alternatively and just as grand choose one wall that can be a focal point such as around the fireplace of a living room. This panel of wallpaper will really stand out and add the ‘wow’ factor. Wall murals are very popular just now – go for small details such as some black ivy to the side of a door frame.
  • Display Your Best Assets – Spend some time gathering a few of your favourite pieces such as pictures or ornaments. Try to choose those that compliment each other and are harmonious you don’t want to look trashy or kitsch. Mount some shelves on the wall and move your objects around until you are happy with the arrangement. Putting your best assets in one place can have more of an effect that to spread them around the home.
  • Make A Statement – Artwork can really stimulate a home and if you have any plain walls then imagine how they could look with a large canvas – eye-popping right? You might have a good hand for art yourself, which could cut the costs down and you will get exactly what you want in terms of style.
  • Dress Your Windows – Changing your curtains from plain and boring to big bold pattern and colour will give a room an instant tonic and the ‘wow’ factor. Choose curtain fabrics and blinds wisely and you’ll be surprised the difference they can make to a room look.
  • To The Bedroom – Just because the bedroom is the least likely place your guests will be visiting, it doesn’t mean that it can’t have some ‘wow’ power injected into it. Super king size bedding in a luxurious fabric and print will be your treat for all the hard work you have put into re-designing your home!
  • Floors – Liven up floors with a colourful rug or even a black and white monochrome print. Add this to rooms that otherwise express minimalism, clean lines and neutral colours it will really give it a boost and will help to express your personal style.
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