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How To – Part 4 – Make Dark Rooms Lighter

Nobody wants to live like a hobbit – dark spaces not only make it difficult to see, but they create the wrong atmosphere. When you think about how the gloomy winters can make you unmotivated, tired and generally unhappy – the last thing you want is to have a home that reflects it.

The summer comes with an abundance of natural light – putting a spring in your step and a smile on your face. You wake up in the morning and feel positive about the day ahead – happy, motivated and refreshed. Give your homes a makeover by following our advice and tips on how to make dark rooms lighter, even the little things can make a great difference to your mood and life at home.

· Before we proceed, you need to analyse your home and write down or make a mental note of the rooms or spaces that need attention. Ask yourself if it a problem that occurs in the day due to an absence or low source of natural light, or is it in the evening when your existing light fixtures are not optimum for the entire room.

· If you have a room that requires more light on an evening – it might be as simple as placing some extra lamps in the weak spots and not a call for a whole rewiring of your current set-up. Lamps can actually compliment a room’s ambiance in more ways than just bringing light – there are some beautiful designs and they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your personal taste.

· Floor lamps can be brought into a room whose light fades in corners. You will often find too – that they don’t take up a lot of floor space and can be placed behind furniture such as sofas or snuggled up nicely next to a bookshelf.

· Lamps are not the only tools behind a lighter room – sometimes a choice in colour or the use of mirrors can make a dark and small room into a larger, brighter space. Mirrors for example, will reflect the light source you have to expand its reach. Take advantage of what light you have and place mirrors so that they can reflect this light – near to windows or light fixtures (behind a table lamp for example).

· Dark wood or furniture can be difficult to change. especially when you are trying to stay within a budget. Focus on smaller details to overcome darker floors etc. by placing white or light coloured rugs, artwork in pastel colours or lighten a dining/coffee table with a white runner made from cheap curtain fabrics. Accessories can be a lot easier to change than buying new furniture, painting walls or changing flooring.

· If you have a problem during the daytime – when not enough natural light is filtering through, why not consider changing your choice of curtains? Voile curtains do a great job of letting light through without making you feel like you are swimming in a fish bowel. They create a good balance of both keeping your room hidden from the outside world and allowing the sun’s rays to pour through their semi-transparent material.

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