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How To – Part 3 – Create A Focal Point

Every room in the home has a focal point – whether you chose it knowingly or not. The focal point to a room is basically the object or area that comes into view first when you enter a room your eyes are instantly drawn to it.

This point of the room brings you, your household and guests to explore or have a look in more detail. A chosen focal point will highlight what the purpose of the room is, for example in the bedroom you might have the bed as a focal point to enhance a good night’s rest. Alternatively, it can be something that creates the right atmosphere that you desire – a fireplace that conjures up warmth and cosiness in a living room or a window that brings in light and makes a room vibrant and energetic.

If you are going for a full makeover in any room a good start is to make a decision on what you want to have as a focal point, then the rest of the room will easily slip into place. Ideally then, your chosen focal point will be arranged and designed to grab one’s attention and set the right mood.

Some period homes have wonderful features that have been restored and they can be a perfect choice for a room’s focal point, think about ceiling beams, fireplaces etc. You might have a large bay window with a view to die for – expand on that feature by placing seating and a small coffee table looking out on the garden. Bring the outside in by choosing a colour scheme that captures nature – blues, greens and neutrals with a hint of lavender or rose pink.

If you are creating a focal point for the first time, have a look at our step by step guide to helping you make a decision – there are a few factors to take into consideration:

  • Size of Focal Point – First, you have to take into account how the size of an object can make a difference. Big isn’t always better – but it does tend to be bolder, making for a great focal point. Going back to the bedroom and having your super king size bedding as a focal point works well. The living room might be designed around your favourite sofa or the dining room by the dining table.
  • Using Colour – Once you have your focal point, you can make it all the more eye-catching by playing around with colour. Colour is amazing in that it really helps to create a mood and atmosphere – think about reds that stimulate the appetite or bring heat to a room. The colour green is soothing and inspiring – great for work-spaces or a reading room. Have a think about complementary colours when creating your focal point. For example, a bed that is predominantly pink against a cool green wall.
  • Using Light – Your focal point must be well lit if it is going to stand out – it might even be that the area around your window is a focal point. Make the most of the area by having an interesting set of curtain poles that give way to beautiful draped ready made curtains in a nice or colourful fabric. On the other had, if you don’t have a lot of natural light in a room then choose your lighting wisely – perhaps hanging a stunning chandelier over the dining room table or using wall lights either side of the bed.
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