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How To – Part 2 – Play With Colour

Playing around with colour when designing your home can be one of the fun parts! That being said, it can become a nightmare if you don’t know how to approach the use of colour, the good news is that we can give you a push in the right direction!

Above all of the rules of colour and its use within private spaces, is your personal taste. If you will be making a lot of changes then it can help to have a colour wheel at hand and perhaps some colour samples.

It isn’t uncommon for someone to spend literally hours looking through paint charts. Neither is it rare to hear an inner scream of joy when you pop the lid off your chosen paint,colours can make and break moods and even have a strong effect on how you approach tasks. The great thing about colour too is how the choice seems to double every passing year, trends change and new colours are regarded as on-trend.

Bringing home your new tub of paint doesn’t always live up to your expectations though – that neutral shade for your walls looks lifeless rather than fresh and revitalising. When this happens, you can always make amends by bringing more colour in through fabrics and accessories. If you want to avoid this downfall at all costs then be focused from the beginning of your colour adventure and use a mood board to manage your preferences and develop ideas.

There will be colours that you are drawn to naturally, have a think about the colours that dominate your wardrobe or which colour makes you feel at your best. Choose one colour to begin with and then experiment with it, looking at colour schemes such as complementary, harmonious or tonal.

Choose colour on a basis of the mood it creates within a particular room in your home. If you’re stuck for inspiration try ‘playing’ with red!

Red makes a great choice for any room just as long as you pick the right shade or use it as a complimentary colour.

Associated with passion deep red is seductive and evocative making it ideal for use in master bedrooms with luxury bedding and duvet covers.

Choose a bright tomato red as it’s believed to increase appetite making it ideal in kitchens and dinning rooms, ready made curtains with bright red may be just what you need if you have fussy eaters in your family!

Opt for on-trend bubble gum pink bedspreads and coordinate with turquoise, this year’s official colour, for a teens bedroom and you’ll be in ‘favour’ for weeks!

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