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How To: Part 4 – Update A Dining Room

The dining room is becoming an outdated room which in many homes has become a dumping ground rather than a place to relax over a meal and share the day’s events with family.

When was the last time you saw your dining room table’s surface? If you’re like many families it was a long time ago! Today it’s probably piled high with books or ironing!

Update your dining room and bring it back into your life for its rightful purpose, not only will you feel that you’ve regained a room and more space, it will also enable you to get back to family traditions of enjoying meal times.


Colour has a huge impact on the way we feel about a room, therefore if you want a bright and lively dining room red is a good colour choice as it increases appetite; use it wisely though because it also signifies danger!

Use an on-trend bold pattern on the wall behind your table to create an eye catching backdrop. If you don’t fancy wallpaper this is the ideal wall to hang a large piece of art.


Sense tells us to use flooring which is easy to clean in a dinning room; parquet flooring or modern laminate flooring is ideal, by placing a large rug under the table and chairs may seem to defeat the object of easy clean and yet a rug can bring the room together to create a sense of balance; a rug will also give a softer look to the room and make it more formal.


As most families eat in the evenings having sufficient lighting is a must. Chose from the latest chandeliers if you want to create a refined and opulent look, alternatively lowering your existing ceiling lighting down over the table will produce sufficient light to eat by. For a romantic touch there is always candles and floor lamps to create a more subdued lighting effect.

Maximise space:

If your dining room is small maximise space by using mirrors and reflective surfaces. Glass table tops are ideal, highly polished wood or lacquer is also a new dimension which will update a dining room effectively.


Choose lightweight voile and use with Roman blinds to bring a fresh look to your windows. If you make your own Roman blinds use the same curtain fabrics to recover tired looking dining chair seats or make an on-trend central table runner to tie the room together.

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