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How To Part 2 – Update Bathrooms

We may not be able to weather the cost of a completely new bathroom, however there are a number of ways you can update your bathroom to give a fresh new look.

Clear the clutter!

This can’t be emphasised enough, it’s the quickest way to start a new look, furthermore it doesn’t cost you a penny! Store away everything you can, this includes shampoo and shower bottles. If you don’t have a built in vanity unit under your basin, open shelving looks chic and stylish just as look as the items are arranged in an orderly fashion and the shelves don’t become a dumping ground!

Wicker baskets make great storage for bathrooms and are a effective way to hide clutter.

Think easy cleaning for flooring

Flooring should be easy to clean as well as resistant. Fitted carpets no longer have a place in modern bathrooms and neither do basin pedestal mats or mats round the loo! These merely trap hairs and dirt, to put it politely! Tiles, water resistant laminate floor or treated floorboards provide a chic modern look and are a great way to give an updated look to a bathroom.

Maximise light

Make use of free natural lighting whenever you can. Mirrors are essential in a bathroom, so use then to your advantage for bouncing light around the room. Large mirrors over the basin offer practicality and functionality. Mirrored and reflective surfaces are also an effective way to make a small space appear larger.

Re-vamp window dressings

This is one area where you can make a real difference in your bathroom. Do away with tired looking nets and opt for stylish wooden Venetian blinds to tie in with the flooring and wicker baskets to give a natural look which is right on-trend. Look for styles which are designed to withstand humid atmospheres.

Accessorise wisely

Stick to the no clutter look and only display your prettiest items which tie in with your new theme. Accessories are also an easy and effective way to add an accent colour to a bathroom. If you have enough space add a chair, either an upholstered easy chair for a luxury look or a more formal dining style chair. Re-cover the seating with curtain fabrics with a pattern to bring a new dimension to your bathroom, especially if the rest of the room is plain.

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