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Reflect Your Style – Part 3 – In A Haven Of Tranquillity

Everyone has a different interpretation of creating a haven of tranquillity, somewhere to relax and de-stress in peace and quiet. The colour which is most associated with tranquillity is white which is perfect in meeting the interior design trends of totally white interiors.

However, you need to be careful because white can easily turn into icy and glacial which isn’t conducive to most people’s dreams of tranquillity!

The curtain fabrics you choose can have a marked impact on the look of a room, where white Venetian blinds may be seen as clinical, soft floaty sheer voile curtains and fabrics can embrace the whole ethos of tranquillity imagined by many.

To achieve a haven of tranquillity you don’t have to only think of the bedroom. Bathrooms can also be a place where the stresses of the day can be left behind whilst you soak in a bath full of bubbles, soft lighting, candles and beautiful scents!

Hectic and modern lifestyles mean that more and more people are seeking to find a space in their home in which the can shut the door and be undisturbed, in fact many well-being therapists suggest that all homes, irrespective of size, should have such a space.

And yet how do you achieve the work-life balance when your home is buzzing with children, televisions and constant interruptions? Well the easy answer is to devote a room to make such a space, however, in reality most homes don’t have a room to be dedicated solely for tranquillity.

Put a lock on the bathroom door? Yes, that’s one way of making a place to relax, but the chances are someone will want the loo or shout through the door!

Perhaps the master bedroom is the place to find solace, make ground rules and ask others within the family to respect your privacy. Use white, or soft pastel colours which are gentle on the eye and give a feeling of relaxation. Pale blue is also a good colour for bedrooms as it also creates a sense of calm.

White lined voile curtains make ideal window dressings to coordinate with bed curtains and bedspreads. Keep things simple, so that you’re not distracted, relax and recharge your batteries – no televisions allowed!

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