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Design Style Take A-Ways – Part 6 – American Pie

The styles of interior designs in America are as diverse as the country itself. With each state having its own distinctive style which represents the climate. Therefore, if you want an American interior the first thing you’ll have do is decide which style to go for!

The southern beach look, the New York loft apartment look, country or a more traditional style. Most homes in America are large, with the homes of the rich and famous being massive ranch styles with imposing rooms filled with decadence and opulence.

As with any other country many American homes are based on traditions which span over the decades, from the old home style with beautiful patchworks to the native American styles which include traditional arts and crafts.

The country style of home decorating remains popular for many Americans because they wish to return to rural life which offers simplicity and refuge from the pressures of city life. Country style interiors draw their inspiration from French, English, Swedish and other cultural influences. However, you can mix and match pieces from different periods and traditions in one home as long as comfort is the main focus.

No country-style room should be too well organised, they are meant to be lived in and part of family life, with rooms which have inherited heirlooms and photographs of family members. In bedrooms the main essential is a quilt. These are often heirlooms and are treasured items of bedding which show the family as the hub of the home.

Quilted bedspreads are used in conjunction with duvets, basically they are for show and taken off the bed when it is occupied, being replaced each time the bed is made. Country style window dressings are based on practicality. Bay window curtain poles in wood are used to hang full length ready made curtains in soft, muted colours which provide a warm and cosy ambience. The style is well thought out, but not as strict or precise as many other interior design styles, such as Japanese.

The ‘all American’ style is very similar to traditional English designs with use of checks, stripes and plain fabrics which are easy to maintain and replace during redecorating projects. In the UK we don’t have dens and many of our homes are far smaller than American homes, however the style is easy to adopt, relaxing and easy on the eye.

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