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Design Style Take A-Ways – Part 4 – Japanese

The trend for Japanese Sushi take a-ways is growing in popularity along with Japanese themed interiors. Reflecting clean lines and a minimalist approach this style is ideal for modern and contemporary homes.

As with all interior design styles it’s possible to bring the look into your home by adopting a few simple design principles. Above all is the no clutter rule, the Japanese believe there cannot be peace in a home where clutter rules! Japanese themed interiors are chic and stylish with emphasis being put on coordinating neutral tones and colours, harmony and balance.

Off white and neutral colours are ideal, think along the lines of opaque rice paper and colours which are gentle on the eyes, voile curtains are ideal as they create a soft and gentle look. If you do want to add an accent colour don’t go over board, just use the colour for a single object which becomes the focal point in the room.

Bamboo hardwood flooring teamed with bamboo blinds will also look good in this style of interior. Patterns are not used much in either wall coverings or curtains, plain is the order of the day but this does not mean boring or dull! Wicker style furniture compliments this style especially when team with silk cushions to bring a different texture into the mix.

In the bedroom, low beds with neutral toned duvet covers presides, along with matching accessories. Quality is the key, so concentrate your efforts on finding a fabric warehouse on the high street or online, where you can select colours and quality fabrics without having to spend a fortune.

‘Less is more’ is also key to achieving a Japanese themed interior, you’ll need to learn how to be minimalistic and choose a colour scheme which provides a sense of peacefulness and calm. As modern life styles are becoming increasingly chaotic, people are transforming their homes into havens of sanctuary, relaxation and adopting an interior design style which reflects these qualities more and more, therefore long term investment into quality items should go hand in hand with a Japanese styled interior.

There is nothing new about Japanese interior design features. It has been slowly and tastefully evolving over many hundreds of years. There have been improvements in the materials, but the basics have been graciously preserved and can easily be replicated to provide your home with a whole new look.

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