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Design Style Take A-Ways – Part 2 – Chinese

Chinese interior styles are influenced by ancient Chinese traditions, philosophy and arts. Colour schemes are bold, traditional styles include red due to its associations with philosophical and nationalistic overtones. Beautifully carved furniture and gloss or lacquered finishes are seen, along with patterns which include dragons and other mythical scenes.

Colourful pottery, paintings and folding screens are typically used as room dividers. Feng Shui is the guiding principle of Chinese interiors and whilst this holds true in modern Chinese interiors the trend to move away from lacquered finishes and use modern materials and fabrics brings a whole new look and dimension to there rooms.


Colour schemes which reflect blues and golds are popular along with keeping the emphasis on comfort and beauty but in a more relaxed and informal way.

There are a number of ways you can bring the look into your home, without of without the use of Feng Shui. Although the style is informal the gold accents bring an opulent look which marries well with neutral tones. Clutter free is definitely the order of the day, Chinese homes are kept proportioned and balance to bring a sense of well being and harmony.

Use contrasting tones and textures without the embellishments that we saw in yesterday’s Indian styled interiors. Choose calming colours and use the general interior design rule of keeping colours to no more than three. The focal point in the room can be wall art or wall panels of fabric or wallpaper.

Window dressing can be either plain tab top curtains in toning colours, or blinds. The latest wood effect Roman blinds would be ideal, especially the paler colours which will blend with pale coloured flooring. If you prefer a little more vibrancy then return to the more traditional styles and include red as your accent colour.

In the bedroom things should also be kept opulent but in an unpretentious way. Use luxury bedding in silk or satin to add glamour, for a more sensual look red would be right at home especially teamed with high gloss black furniture.

As with most interior styles use what you’re comfortable with, opt for plain or patterned materials and fabrics which reflect your individuality and give you comfort. Adopt the styles and trends from other countries to make your home uniquely yours.

Bamboo is another useful material for use in Chinese styled interiors which is ideal for those on a tight budget and is available in a wide range of cheap roller blinds including black to provide a modern twist on Chinese traditions if used in conjunction with red.

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