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Positive Visions – Part 2 – Sartorial

To achieve this interior design style you’ll need a sharp and modern colour palette. This style is fundamentally based on the heritage of learnt interior design skills and the use of outstanding materials which include new techniques and technology. Luxury becomes progressive as the style unfolds.

Craftsmanship of the past is treasured, adding intricate and elaborate furnishing and furniture design is embraced. Embellishments, embroidery and detailing are key. High gloss surfaces and emphasised by opaque textures, luxurious patterns are re-visited through use of new textiles and fibres. The main theme of these positive visions are aimed at flattering man’s desires!

This year’s colour may be turquoise however with spring just around the corner bright yellow combined with white provides a fresh new look to a room which is ideal if you have an all white room, as you can simply change your window dressings with a bright new colour, (yellow is merely an example not an essential) and bring a sense of cohesion and balance with use of cushions. If you want to include this year’s colour a simple throw casually draped over the arm of a chair is an effective and inexpensive way to show that you are keeping up with the latest interior design trends!

White wooden curtain poles and white curtain rings blend effortlessly with white walls making them an unobtrusive method of hanging curtains which focuses the eye on the pattern and colour of the fabric rather than the curtain pole itself.

High gloss finishes are seen on coffee table and yet the intricacies of fret work and ornate carved sides of chairs enhance the overall look. This style is ideal for those who like high tech gadgets and plasma TVs take centre stage on the wall rather than artwork.

Wooden or laminate flooring is seen with scatter rugs on the high traffic areas to add underfoot luxury. This style is ideal for family lifestyles as photographs are acceptable and a cosy yet modern approach is taken. As with all interior design styles clutter is out and organised grouping of treasures and object d’art is in.

This is a great style if you want to do a room makeover this year. Start with white walls and ceilings and inject your chosen bright colour to add a touch of visual impact at your windows which will radiate into the room bringing a modern look to a traditionally designed home.

Image: Things That Inspire

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