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Global Influences – Part 5 – African Tribal

As we all know Africa is a huge continent so the first decision you’ll have to make is what region are you going to focus on? To make life easier this post is going to be generic just to give a flavour of the generalities which can be applied to achieve a stunning interior design style based on the global influences of African Tribal.

The colour palette should be of earthy tones which include rusts, browns, burnt oranges and include the stunning colours of sunrise and sunset. Colours schemes can mimic specific regions for example a Tanzanian theme would include golden browns and deep reds as worn by the local tribes.

Furniture should also reflect the theme with wooden carved tables and chairs, tribal wall art and fabrics of woven wools and cotton fabrics in natural colours of with tribal prints would be ideal. Many people favour floor rugs which have an animal skin look, along with chair covers of animal prints.

Use lots of different textures of fabrics and materials, bold geometrics are perfect especially if they have bold golden accents along with embroidered velvet to decorate chairs and bedding. Colourful pillows, bedding sets and bedspreads are an integral part of successful interiors.

The majority of African theme décor comes from natural materials of the earth, and it these which should be emphasised strongly within the interior design theme. African décor was eco-friendly long before the term became popular as it included they materials such as bamboo and teak which are fast growing trees making them very renewable and sustainable products. Opt for bamboo blinds or cheap Venetian blinds made from teak to use in conjunction with full length curtains in natural materials and colours, hang the curtains from wooden curtains poles with a large diameter to give the look of the forest. Other materials used for African décor includes colourful weaving materials and beads which can be used as tie-backs for curtains.

This interior design theme doesn’t have to be about zebra or lion skins or trophies from hunting expeditions, it should be kept as natural as possible African décor gives the feel of living in a forest atmosphere and a tribal home, therefore large leafed plants are great accessories, along with wooden carved statutes, gourds and stools which resemble drums are all in keeping with the overall theme.

Image: Delight by Design

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