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Do You Want To Reconnect With Traditions? -Part 1

If you want to reconnect with French traditions in interior design you will need to think along the lines of gilt panelling, soft pastels, stucco, garlands and pendants then you will relive old grandeur which has become a timeless classic across the world.

The revival of wallpapered rooms brings with a touch of old age refinement and grandeur. Look for pale blue backgrounds with tones of browns and cream patterned consisting of large floral images with long tailed birds.

Furniture should be in keeping with the period and emulate the grandeur with gilt edging and ornate handles. Chairs were also gilded and had seating in plush velvet fabrics in rich colours such as plum or red.

Window dressings were as ornate as the rooms, typically full length damask or jacquard fabrics. which were hung from gilded or brass curtain poles with ornate end finials, were used to continue the refined and opulent theme. Large tassel tiebacks were used to hold the curtains in place as they were swept open from the centre.

No discerning French home would be seen with beautiful object d’art which were the focal and talking points of the room. These precious items were often covered with glass domes to not only protect them from damage but also to show that they were very important and often expensive!

Today this interior design theme is making a huge comeback, with many people hankering after the old traditions of having beautiful homes. Of course today this style is also a good way to create stunning interiors either by using original antique furnishings or by seeking out furniture from reclamations yards and house clearance sales.

The window dressings are also easy to replicate with some gorgeous damask and jacquard curtain material online being used or cost effective ready made curtains UK having traditional patterns and colours which are ideal for this design style. Antique brass curtain poles make the ideal substitute for gilded curtain poles. Opt for style which have a traditional style of end finial and use large tassel tiebacks to bring a sense of cohesion and harmony to your rooms.

The finishing touches include ornately carved plaster cornices and plaques on the walls with a carved plaster ceiling roses from which chandeliers are hung. Scout around for table and floor lamps with large shades in either cream or ivory, along with pretty coffee tables to compliment the furniture. Mixing and matching items carefully and it is surprisingly easy to relive the age of grandeur and elegance.

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