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2010 Trends: Putting The Emphasis On Comfort – Part 1 – Lounges

The lounge is usually the most used space in the house. It is a place to relax and unwind. While accessories can add that all-important homely feel to any room, many people make the mistake of using too many. By doing this they clutter up the space and it is no longer the calming, relaxing room they would like it to be. A comfortable space must also be functional and give you room to breathe.

A few accessories can really pull a room together but work best when they match the colour scheme of window dressings and soft furnishings. Throws are a great way to completely change the look of your sofa without having to buy a whole new suite. This stops you being stuck with the colour scheme of your chairs and sofas.

Candles look great in the lounge and can really give it a homely feel. They look great as a centre piece on your coffee or side table or even mantle piece.

A good way to create a striking lounge that is still simple is to use neural colours throughout with touches of an accent colour. These can be just one shade or stick to a certain colour scheme. Warm colours are best in the lounge but this doesn’t mean you have to stick to reds and yellows. Purple is a great colour for the lounge as it gives a warm feel without being over powering like bright reds. Antique brass curtain poles can look stylish when mixed with warm bright purple curtains.

If bright colours aren’t your thing you can always use pastel colours for a softer look while still achieving the same affect. A great accent to the softer look are voile curtains. These are great to help create a more romantic theme. Flowers can add to this look and look stunning in a simple vase on the window sill.

Similarly Roman blinds can make a room look very modern and look great in any room. Make sure to get fully lined blinds as they will give better shade during the summer and give you privacy at night.
Patterned curtains or blinds and cushions should match to keep the room together. Remember in the lounge ‘less is more’ so keep patterns simple and bold otherwise you might make the room look visually cluttered. Fabric with details on such as the pattern slightly raised or in a different textile can make curtains or cushions really stand out.

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