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Make 2010 A Year For Change – In Guest Rooms

Adding little touches are what turns guest rooms from so-so to ‘wow’ to make your guests feel really welcome!

  1. Make sure you have both hanging and storage space available as this will make your guests feel as if they are not inconveniencing you!

  2. A selection of books or magazines is a good idea as well as being a thoughtful gesture may help early risers stay in their room a little longer and those who have trouble sleeping something to look at rather than wander around your home in the middle of the night!

  3. A pretty container or bowl filled with individual sachets or little bottles of shower gel, bath salts and shampoo will also be appreciated for guests who happen to stay overnight unexpectedly, don’t go too over the top otherwise it look as if you are running a B&B!

  4. Extra blankets and pillows are essential, these can be stored in the wardrobe or an Ottoman, just let guests know were they are kept and they won’t feel as if they are bothering you, these may also help prevent grumbles from older family members who say they didn’t sleep well due to being too cold or uncomfortable!

  5. Keep guest rooms clutter free, including surfaces as this also provides the impression that they are not intruding or inconveniencing you! Guest rooms can easily become dumping grounds, so make sure your ironing pile isn’t left on show!

  6. Bedside tables are also a good idea so that guests don’t have to fumble around in the dark trying to find the light switch!

  7. A chair for placing clothes is important, adding a small cushion can add to the ‘wow’ factor especially if it coordinates with your bedding.

  8. Lay out towels and facecloths if your guests are sharing the family bathroom, again so that they are not left wondering which ones they should use!

  9. Blackout roller blinds are a great idea to help your guests get a good nights sleep, especially if you live in a town or city where there is a lot of light pollution. These can be used as the sole window dressing or used in conjunction with ready made curtains or lined voile curtains.

  10. A couple of glasses and a jug of fresh water is also a kind gesture, the days of the teas-made may be gone but enabling your guests to take a sip of water is the least you can do!

The final touches, such as a vase of fresh seasonal flowers will not only make the room smell wonderful it will make your guests feel really wanted and welcome.

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