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New Years Party Planning – Part 3

This evening we will being saying goodbye to the noughties and welcoming in the New Year! Planning for a party can be daunting, however if you work your way systematically through your home you can be ready for your guests!

We have already looked at the important food, drink, guest rooms and bathrooms as well as closing curtains and blinds prior to the first ring on your door bell! As your hallway will give the ‘first impression’ of your home make sure it is looking at its best by clearing away shoes and coats. If your hall is in need of redecoration it is a good idea not to use a bright ceiling light, disguise and illusion is the trick needed! Table and floor lamps are great alternatives to overhead lighting, as the light they omit can cast shadows covering up a multitude of sins, however be careful not to make your hall too gloomy and dark!

As kitchens are a magnet for groups of people at parties, (particularly if that’s where your drinks are!) this is the room that will require the last minute finishing touches. Clear away and wash up, unless you have a dish washer, open windows a small amount to let fresh air into the room, partially open the slats of Venetian blinds or pull up Roman blinds so that the air can circulate without causing draughts.

Remember to close curtains in lounges and bedrooms at dusk to create a warm and welcoming ambience as your guests arrive, especially if you have some people staying overnight or if your guest’s coats are being kept in the spare bedroom. Don’t become paranoid but friends and family will look at your décor, window dressings and furniture as it’s a natural human instinct to do so! The fact is that people love looking at other people’s homes! They may ignore any dust but it’s very rare that they will miss a poorly decorated room!

Having everything ready will help to ensure that you bring in the new decade and year without becoming stressed out before your first guests even arrive! Get busy planning and organising now and then you can then relax during the party as you know everything is taken care of!

Have a great New Years Eve Party and look forward to seeing all the new and exciting interior design trends of 2010!

Don’t forget to make New Year’s Resolutions which include bringing a new, trendy, chic style into your home!

Image: Haven and Home

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