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Secrets of Successful Interiors – Provençal Charm

The secrets of creating a successful Provençal charm is to keep the colour scheme to muted shades of duck egg blues and creams. The use of light or medium coloured oak is also synonymous with this interior design style.

Typically used in older styles of homes this unique charm can be approached in two different ways! Basically you can pay very expensive prices for furniture and soft furnishings or you can take the more familiar and popular route of using salvaged pieces of furniture and painting them, along with luxury bedding and full length ready made curtains which can be found remarkably inexpensively online.

This design style is not to be confused with shabby chic, this style is not shabby but it is very chic!

A key feature is to use these muted colours so that interiors are gentle on the eye, peaceful and relaxing. There are no vibrant colours, furniture styles lean towards the older styles. With cupboards and wardrobes have either glass doors or stylish curtains pinned inside the door frames. The use of light or medium oak for flooring, window reveals, furniture and mantle pieces adds to the charm and natural homely feel this style evokes.

Windows are dressed with ceiling to floor lightweight curtains hung from either metal or wooden curtains poles which are placed at the top of the wall despite the window frames being lower than this. One of the reasons curtains are hung this way is to give the illusion of height to the room, which in turn provides depth and balance.

Natural fabrics and materials are used throughout the home with rich damasks, jacquards and crisp cotton being the most commonly used. In the bedroom the key factor is simplicity and a plain rather than fussy appearance. Luxury bedding in the muted shades are ideal along with the use of natural wicker baskets which have a cream or white cotton lining is common, along with painted cupboards in which to slide them.

The fabric used for the wardrobe doors often matches the curtains to bring a sense of cohesion to the room in a very chic and stylish way. No clutter is definitely the order of the day! Any bits and pieces are neatly placed in pretty wicker baskets.

Feminine touches such as fabric covered trinket boxes along with plain vases and jugs to place fresh flowers. Wall art is typically cross stitch styles ‘samplers’ along with wooden shaped hearts used to frame pictures. This charming interior design style is for those who love the simpler things in life and yet adore refined style within their home!

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