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Tips To Creating Rest & Relaxation Rooms

Finding a place within you living space to take time out for some much needed rest and relaxation may seem impossible if your home is small. However, if you have a spare room rather than simply turning into a dumping place, which let’s be honest is what many people do! Turn it into a place of tranquillity and peace in which you can spend some time chilling out, reading or listening to music or simply doing nothing at all!

The best room to transform will probably be the guest room, therefore it needs to be practical and functional which doesn’t send you into a panic when unexpected guests arrive. Daybeds are the ideal choice for this type of room. Proving you with a place to sit, or lay, and relax which simply needs the cushion removed to make a comfortable bed.

The key factor into having chill out spaces is to keep things simple. No television or DVD players, using gentle colours which bring peace the minute you enter the room. Pale colours will also provide the illusion of a larger space. Coordinate and match patterns and fabrics for the bed cover, cushions along with beautiful Roman blinds to bring a sense of balance and harmony to the room.

Roman blind kits are a great way of creating a coordinated look. The kit provides all the necessary bits and pieces to make stunning Roman Blinds, all you have to do is choose the fabric!

Hectic lifestyles have brought the need for comfort and relaxation to the forefront of interior designs. This year’s no clutter advice also needs to be included in an R & R room. There is no way you can spend time relaxing if you are constantly reminded of the chores, such as cleaning and tidying which need to be done staring you in the face!

Keeping the colours pale, along with minimum fuss, will provide you with a beautiful room in which you can spend some much needed ‘me’ time. With experts telling us we need to de-stress and unwind each day, many people don’t want to spend their time soaking in a bath, which is the place most people retreat too!

Use you guest room as a functional place as well as a spare bed for friends and family. Choose duvet sets which coordinates with your colour scheme and simply tuck them under the mattress to turn the bed into a comfortable sofa, pile cushions onto the bed for added comfort and chic styling!

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