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Innovative Interior Design Tips To Help You Stay Warm This Winter

With an autumnal nip in the air it’s time to start closing your curtains early and snuggle down indoors for relaxing nights in front of the telly! Creating a warm and cosy ambience in your home as never been more necessary as people are turning down their central heating a couple of degrees in an attempt to reduce their fuel bills and save money.

It may be said that today’s modern homes have spoilt us all in regards to heating and being constantly warm. Everyone has no doubt heard tales of how homes only had an open fire, no central heating and yet the vast majority of people in the UK survived each winter by making their homes feel warm and cosy even though in reality they were pretty cold places!

The psychological affect of feeling warm can in many ways be put down the ambience and atmosphere created by the colour schemes used in homes. Most people are aware of hot and cold colours and with this in mind are taking more notice of this fact and opting for colours which make you feel warmer purely by the nature of the colour!

Lighting is another great example of how to create a warm feeling to a room. Doing away with a bright central light and opting for several tables lamps is an effective way of changing the feel and look of a room, which provides the illusion of cosiness and warmth.

One of the latest design concepts in window dressings has also enabled ambient lighting effects to be incorporated within curtain poles by the clever use of enhancing the affects of hand blown glass curtain pole finials using neatly concealed long life battery operated LED lights which shine through the glass to create amazing soft lighting effects to your windows. An ingenious, yet effective way of making you feel warmer with a gentle warm glow radiating through the glass, as well as enhancing the beauty of your curtains.

Another way to beat the cold is to have full length curtains which are fully lined. Despite most houses having double glazing a huge percentage of heat is lost through windows, as such opting for ready made curtains which are lined will help reduce this heat loss. Choosing fabrics which have warm tones such as reds and oranges or purple will also make a room feel warmer even though the heating may be turned down lower.

A further cost effective way of reducing heat loss through windows is to have roller blinds used in conjunction with curtains. In the summer you can simply pull the blind to prevent prying eyes from seeing inside your home when the inside light is on, and leave the curtains at either side of the frame. During the winter by pulling the blind and drawing the curtains you will instantly have a double layer of fabric thickness at your windows, if the ready made curtains are lined it will give your triple thickness, which is a really cost effective way to save money and make your home warm and cosy!


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