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Go With the Grain – How to Make the Best Use of Wood within the Home

As the summer rapidly disappears and life begins to focus towards autumn and the festive season our attentions will draw back to our homes and how to create that comfy cosy feel to keep us warm during the cold wintery nights. One simple and easy way to bring back this sumptuous feel is by introducing more heavy and textured soft furnishings. Alongside this, however, a much more long term and subtle way to add cosy character to a design scheme is by using wood. Whether it is a wooden fireplace, floorboards, a picture frame or dining chair; the texture, weight and tactile nature of wood ensures it will work perfectly within both contemporary and traditional and rustic and classic homes.

When looking to introduce more wood in to the home the first thing to consider is colour. The huge range of natural and treated wood colours ensures that there will be a shade to suit your design scheme. Generally, to get the maximum impact, keep wood rustic and in natural colours such as oak, walnut and beech. These colours tend to work with most schemes and will develop and age in time (do discuss how your choice of wood will age and ensure you will be happy with this look). Whatever your choice; try and introduce this texture and colour in several places within the room. For example, if you choose an oak fireplace opt for a sofa with oak legs, oak photo frames or oak doors to incorporate and distribute the colour within your design.

To create maximum impact wood looks fantastic and is subtle enough to use on a large scale. A grand carved or more modest wooden staircase, wooden floors or a large wooden dining table will complement nearly every design scheme and gives your home a classic, charming yet warm look. For a more opulent feel choice polished wood or for a more edgy urban feel use reclaimed railway sleepers etc. For a more contemporary or unique look why not consider a modern twist on panelling and use laminate flooring to decorate an entire wall perhaps behind your bed, your dining suite or kitchen. The warm and soft colour combined with fantastic texture and horizontal lines creates a real focal point within any room and guarantees to be a talking point for guests.

Alongside more practical pieces and furniture it is also nice to include more organic and quirky wood within your home. For example why not use pieces of trunk as footstools, drinks tables and shelving. The un-uniform shape and fantastic texture will add a real depth to the room. To protect the wood be sure to wax or varnish the pieces.

Whatever style your home wood helps create a fantastic sensuous and cosy finish and its hard wearing yet versatile properties makes it adaptable and usable in every surrounding. Try to refrain from over treating wood and instead use waxes to promote its already natural charm and interest.

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