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Design for Busy People – Decorating in a Weekend

When balancing work, children, friends, family and household chores the prospect of decorating can be all too much. The upheaval, mess, work and energy involved with decorating adds extra chaos to your already jam packed lives. Contrary to popular belief, however, decorating can be a relatively quick and moderately disruptive process that can be completed in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks. By regularly updating and maintaining small elements of your home you can keep your designs fresh, tasteful and new without carrying out a full scale makeover. This article tells you how:

Make it Bite Size
With careful assessment of your room and desired design look just one of two quick and simple changes can really lift and update a room.

For example, in both traditional and contemporary homes, a tired and drab room that needs a bit of life can be transformed by adding a feature wall using wallpaper or paint. Choose a wall that sits at the focal point of your room such as a chimney breast or alcove and add a dash of colour or pattern in a complementary shade to your existing furniture and other walls. To finish your design scheme and incorporate the wall in to the rest of the room why not add a handful of scatter cushions, a rug, accessories or a table light in coordinating colours. Not only is this approach hugely effective in giving your room a new look it can also be easily changed in the future.

As an alternative, if your walls are plain yet perfectly usable, why not consider updating your soft furnishings and upholstery. Visit your local fabric shop and admire the variety of choice there is available. For larger items opt for a more basic yet hard wearing plain material that will complement other colours should you change other parts of your design scheme in the future. Be daring and upholster smaller pieces such as foot stools, dining chairs or armchairs in more vibrant and patterned fabrics. Alongside or as well as this choose new curtains or blinds to complete the scheme and bring each piece together. Alternatively, as a less expensive alternative, why not simply add a band of coordinating fabric to the leading edge of your existing curtains for a unique yet equally effective look.

Often ignored yet able to make a huge impact; another approach to transforming a room is changing the flooring. Likely to be finished in one or two days laying new carpet, tiles or wooden flooring can give a room a completely new look and atmosphere.

Plan, Plan and Pre-Plan

Finally, if small adaptations are not enough to give your room a lift it is still possible to finish a complete makeover in a moderately small timescale. The first step is forward planning. Before you begin moving furniture, stripping walls and disrupting the house make shopping lists and buy all the necessary DIY and soft furnishing elements you require. Use samples and paint swatches to make sure you are happy with the scheme and avoid timely and expensive changes half way through the makeover. Write out a timeline or plan of action to coordinate the various elements of the project and avoid long drawn upheaval. Decide on a weekend when you, your partner, family or friends can help you out to ensure that any disruption is as short lived as possible. Finally, come Sunday afternoon, be sure to put the house back to a liveable (if not perfect) condition and relax before the busy week begins: sometimes the pleasure and satisfaction of a nice house is the memories and work involved in creating it.

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