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Modern Touches

We constantly talk about the kitchen being the hub of the home but c’mon now, the living room has the comfiest seats and is also where the TV is for Pete’s sake! If yours had a fridge in I’m willing to bet you’d convert the kitchen into guest bedroom or start parking your car there. The living room is the most important room in your house.  So it is only right that you show it that level of respect and offer up shiny home jewels and the like to it like it was some kind of Inca deity.

Keeping your living room modern and stylish is all about the details. The designs and furniture that you choose should have the look and feel of sleek-without-trying –to-hard-and eclectic-without-being-pretentious cool comfiness. Simple really. When choosing things for your modern living room ask yourself the following before each and every purchase-

Does this marvellous item that I covet

– accentuate the room?

– add character?

– show dimension?

Also ask yourself whether your own personality and taste is showing through or are your choices being governed by what people like me tell you what you should do? So, I think, what I’m actually telling you to do is completely… ignore… me…eh?  Ok so I wouldn’t go that far- my sage-like qualities have so much to offer- all’s I’m saying is- don’t lose yourself in pursuit of the “perfect modern home”- it doesn’t exist and designers can only do so much.

To transform a traditional living room into a modern, sleeker look, start with the basics.  Modernizing a room means keeping it simple.  Remove big, bulky pillows from the sofa and replace them with one or two smaller ones with the same colour tone.  Instead of overcrowding the coffee table with pictures, coasters and other knick-knacks, replace the clutter with a simple, but elegant accent piece.

Work with what you have – It’s not necessary to purchase an entire new living room furniture set to implement modern living room ideas.  Take advantage of lighting to draw attention to areas of the room that are special by using lamps, fluorescent lighting and candles.  Refresh and give a whole new look to old, outdated furniture with stylish fabric covers that can easily fit right over the furniture.

Modern living room ideas would not be complete without discussing the effects of colour.  Colour not only adds life to a room, but it also has drastic effects to the entire mood of the area.  Use bright, vibrant colours to create an atmosphere of energy and renewal.  Or, use warm, subtle colours to create tranquillity, peace and calm.

Use sleek, elegant colours such as bright whites, bold blacks, shimmering silvers or other metallics.

Accessorize. You can really update a more traditional living room with bold décor accessories like eclectic accent lamps, metal wall sculptures or sleek window treatments such as silver Venetian blinds or lacquered white curtain poles.

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