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The beautiful Bellissimo fabric collection one of the most popular of Terry’s whole range. The collection is split into two groups – stripes and flora. While increased choice in a range will always make it much easier to include in any scheme, it is the fact that stripes and flora are probably the most common and most loved fabric patterns amongst British homeowners that makes Bellissimo as universally appealing as has become.

Unlike most other collections, there really is no limit to the ways in which this collection can be used. Whether it is a modern, period, classic or country-specific scheme, the Bellissimo range has something to add.

The secret to its success lies in the colours that are available. Though classically designed, the range contains a broad scope of colours, taking the fabric from homely straight through to edgy. The barely-there softness of vanilla and cream stripes would provide a subtle and soothing backdrop to the carved mahogany and brass detailing usually found in a Louis XIV styled room. Take the same pattern and give a classic theme a youthful twist with an industrial grey and punchy red stripe and you now have a fabric ready for a city loft.

It’s a similar story when it comes to the colour range of the flora half of the collection. With shades ranging from chocolate brown, through slate grey, Arctic white to racy red, what you have is a colour for every season. While the warming effect of brown and red would be much appreciated during the cooler months of the year, white and grey would be a much more airy option for the summer without going down the usual route of juvenile brightness that can come from gaudy summer shades.

Though stunning in any scheme, the Bellissimo collection really comes into its own in a classic Victorian or Edwardian setting. If you imagine the typical wall arrangement of these periods where a dado rail creates two halves- the bottom being covered in a striped wallpaper and the top a floral motif you can easily see just why Bellissimo fabrics would fit right in when used as a window dressing.

No matter where you intend to use Bellissimo, it is always wise to tie in your window dressings with the other fabrics in the room to create a well rounded, holistic scheme. Therefore you should look for quality bedding that compliments your window dressings well. You should also remember that your curtains can be given a huge boost by the curtain pole you choose. Curtain poles may be there to serve a purpose but they can also add so much in terms of the visual effect. There are many types of poles on the market and any of them, from metal curtain poles to carved wood, would look fantastic with the stripes and flowers of the Bellissimo range.

When decorating your home, you will no doubt take many risks with both your scheme and your budget. The Bellissimo range is certain to come up trumps, offering high-quality and affordable prices at the same time, and is therefore one of my firm favourites as a designer.

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