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Modern Style with the Botanical Range

The Botanical fabric collection has added a whole new twist to the floral motif. Its sharp, angular qualities provide a welcome change to the soft foliage normally found. The colours too, are well picked and refreshing. Black is bravely chosen as a background to mushroom and crimson. Teal is finely balanced against cool putty. But the best example of the range has to be the mix of aqua blue, chocolate brown and grey/beige. This particular fabric sums up all that is modern and exciting about the Botanical collection.

To show of this fashionable fabric at it best, I would advise going down a decided modern path and choosing the Contemporary style for your rooms.

The Contemporary style is characterised by clean lines and simple but elegant furniture. It is cool and calm but differs from minimal in that it allows for pattern and colour and is generally a little more relaxed and therefore easier to live with. It can still create some challenges for the home owner to deal with, especially one with young children or messy pets but try to remember that the whole purpose of contemporary design is to create a living space which is, above all, functional.

Wood floors don’t just look nice: they’re also much cleaner than wall to wall carpeting. And while that uncluttered space can create a nightmare when it comes to finding storage space for all of your belongings, contemporary style interior design provides the answer to the problem.

Modern storage solutions include under-bed storage, attractive, stackable, storage containers, closet organizers and other wonders designed to help create that minimal look whilst providing storage space that’s anything but minimal. Stores like Ikea are your best friends when it comes to contemporary style interior design, and are chock full of everything you’ll need from clever storage systems to funky chairs and minimal style furniture.

In terms of colour, forget frills or layers upon layers of clashing patterns and garish colours – contemporary homes are characterized by their cool, muted colour palettes, featuring a lot of whites, creams, and darker shades including brown, taupe and mauves. Sticking to this very modern colour scheme, however, doesn’t have to be boring: try adding a splash of colour to your white walls with a vibrant painting, or add a brightly coloured chair or sofa to draw the eye.

Accents of colour can also come from cushions, rugs, throws or ornaments, which add interest to what could otherwise be a plain looking room. Another great option is a classy wallpaper. Walls papered with patterns similar to that of the Botanical range work fantastically well when set against ice white, lacquered furniture.

Texurise your home with shiny metal, polished wood and cool tiles. Chrome finishing on furniture and fixtures, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, also help create a very modern look, as does glass, which is used to great effect by many contemporary style interior designers.

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