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Using Art as Inspiration

Using art as inspiration for a room’s new scheme is a fantastic way to achieve a strong and stylish result. There are many styles of art and all are great for providing an interesting basis for your design but without a doubt, the best has to be Pop Art. Made famous by the likes of seminal figures like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, the fantastic colours, linear qualities and modern re-assessing of traditional themes combine to make Pop Art fantastically apt for modern interior design inspiration.

The key to giving your room an Andy Warhol approved look is to really let yourself go when it comes to colour and bold images. Warhol once famously said that he loved Hollywood because it is all plastic and that he loves plastic. Think of this gaudy, no holds barred mentality when designing your room. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Andy Warhol images are mass produced, and including some posters, paintings or silk screens of some iconic Warhol images on your walls is a simple, fast and easy way to get the look.

Warhol created cow themed wallpaper – a similar print in your home is a bold, Warhol-esque statement.

Warhol loved using bright, primary colours in his artwork – use these colours on your walls, accessories and upholstery.

Use cheap rugs and other throw away items such as plastic lamps to add colour with a throw-away sentiment that Warhol would have approved of- in his world, short lived and shallow are what it is all about.

Include lots of block pattern fabrics in the form of bedspreads, curtains and tablecloths.

Faux fur is not only ethically sound, it is also perfect to emphasis the thinking behind Warhol’s work, which attempts to convey how fake and mass produced the world had become by the 1960’s. Faux fur rugs, throws and scatter cushions would all work brilliantly whilst giving your rooms a retro chic feel.

For Lichtenstein inspired surroundings, why not frame some pages of a cheap comic book or a Disney poster? Not only will it save you a fortune on artwork but it perfectly sums up the graphic, cartoon style of Lichtenstein’s most famous works.

You could also try some decoupage out on some old furniture. Decoupage involves gluing layers of comic book pages to pieces of furniture until completely covering them, the effect is really unique.

Another way of theming in with accordance Roy Lichtenstein is by including only the primary colours- red, blue and yellow, which are the colours used in comic books to make up colour pictures.


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