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There is a very good reason that most patterns in your Damask tab top curtains or your luxury bedding are stylised versions of flowers and plant life- they are very beautiful to look at. Houseplants are a fantastic way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home. The beautiful colours of nature contained in the endless varieties of plants on sale today are great for adding a summer theme to your home at this time of year and in winter months, become something of a necessity as here in the UK.

Houseplants are the only way you are going to see natural colour come the frosty February mornings! Here we will take a look at some of the best houseplants currently available to you. Also included is a helpful guide for looking after them, so no excuses- go fetch your pruning gloves!

The Paper Flower– A holiday favourite! Not that hard to look after at all, especially if you have a conservatory. These are large specimens 5-6 foot high and they will make an eye-catching specimen that will flower for most of the year.

Where do I put it? – Bright, indirect light to full sun, a conservatory or heated greenhouse is best.

Do they need a scarf? – Average warmth. Keep above 5 degrees Celsius over winter

Big drinkers?Water well in the growing season, little over winter. They hate wet and cold. Flowers dropping off early are a sign of under-watering.

Hungry? – Feed with a high potash feed to induce and help continue flowering.

The Parlour Palm– For over a century parlour palms have enjoyed a place in the British home. A low growing palm (up to 3 feet high) that is very tough it will tolerate a lot of abuse but with a small amount of care will thrive. Great in almost any room of the house

Where do I put it? – A light position but will also handle some shade.

Do they need a scarf? – Average warmth, will need misting if it’s really hot.

Big drinkers? – Quite regularly in the growing season and rarely over the winter months.

Hungry? – A liquid feed every month or so.

The Yucca – Yuccas are pretty well known as easy house plants, tolerating full sun and thriving on a minimal amount of care. Large and or branched specimens are hard to get hold of but make a fantastic specimen plant for a well-lit room or conservatory.

Where do I put it? – A bright position – it will take direct sun.

Do they need a scarf? – Pretty hardy it will stand being in all but the coldest conservatories. They are best not left in a heated room over the winter.

Big drinkers? – Keep well watered in summer and infrequently in winter.

Hungry? – A liquid feed every 3 weeks or so over summer.

The Plaited Plant- A rarity in the houseplant world, The Plaited Plant is a slightly bizarre plant that is generally sold as three or more stems that have been plaited together to form a single trunk. Out of this trunk grows large leaves composed of 6-9 leaflets. A great conversation point plant.

Where do I put it? – Bright, indirect light.

Do they need a scarf? – Average warmth. Not too hot over the winter (Keep away from radiators).

Big drinkers? – Water frequently not letting the compost dry throughout the summer, less over winter. Keep humidity high by misting and or placing in a pebble tray.

Hungry? – A very weak liquid feed every month or so over the growing season.

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