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Sleep Easy On Hot Summer Nights

As the temperatures continue to rise and reports of record temperatures and heat waves become ever more consistent, as typical Englishmen, our endurance begins to tire. Constant heat and humidity that we most often experience in England can lead to us feeling lethargic, inpatient and short. This is majorly due to the uncomfortable and sweaty nights’ sleep we experience during these humid periods. From the noise outside our open windows to simply over heating the majority of us struggle to make it through the night. To try and help you stay cool and to get a night’s sleep to dream of this article takes you through some simple and practical top tips for this summer and abroad:

Make Some Space

Because of your increased body temperature it is most likely you will spread out more on your bed. Constantly before you get in your bed remove scatter cushions, throws and blankets that will make you feel claustrophobic and cramped during the night. Similarly, instead of struggling with a thick and overly insulating duvet; roll this up and store away and replace with a light and airy sheet that will keep you cool yet covered through the night. If you would prefer a slightly more heavy weight piece; why not lay a thin blanket or quilted throw on top which can be removed quickly if the temperatures rise.

Prepare Yourself

Alongside making changes to your bed ensure that you are also prepared to settle down. Choose light weight cotton pyjamas and remove socks that help trap in the heat. Similarly, place a glass of iced water or a bowl of water and a flannel by your bed in case you wake up hot and flustered. It may even be beneficial to have a cool shower just before you go to sleep to ensure you are calm and cool as your drift in to your dreams.

Let the Room Breath

Especially if you share your bed with your partner your bedroom can get extremely warm and stagnant if left unventilated all night. Consequently, if you live in a quiet neighbourhood open your window and keep your curtains or blinds slightly open to allow a constant circulation of air. If the noise outside is too distracting why not simply leave your bedroom door open to disperse your body heat around a greater area. Finally, if you are still too hot why not purchase an electric fan or go all out and install air conditioning to help keep the room fresh and cool throughout the night and day. Available either free standing, table sized or ceiling fitted fans will ensure your room is at a bearable temperature as you sleep. Similarly, dependant on your budget, you can choose several styles and makes that are almost silent and even remote control driven to avoid distraction as you sleep.

Think Alternative

If however all these options still don’t enable you to have a calm nights sleep why not consider more natural ways to induce your slumber such as lavender, a relaxing massage or a nice book to help you settle down before you sleep.

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