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How to Co-ordinate Colours within Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most practical rooms in the house generally crammed to the rafters with appliances and storage. However fundamental and necessary these elements are this practical streak of a bathroom should not mean it can not also be attractive and reflective of your personality.

Because of the bland and neutral range of colours available for bathroom appliances people do tend to struggle with taking their bathroom to the next step in design. This article consequently aims to take you through some simple ways to introduce and coordinate colour in your bathroom.

The first step to giving your bathroom a makeover is to consider its existing and more permanent colour scheme. Examine the colours, patterns and tones used for permanent fixtures such as your bath or flooring as a basis for your design. If the features are all white you are free to choose a colour scheme of your choice.

If there is a pattern within the tiles or an unusual colour flooring this may tighten your colour considerations. Generally speaking, bathrooms work best when kept bright and airy but this does not mean you can not bring zesty and hot colours in as accents. Consider a feature wall, bath mat, towels or shower curtains in a vibrant colour, pattern or stripe. For example, why not keep your walls a neutral shade or white and add a funky pink flower arrangement or piece of wall art and coordinate with pink and white striped towels.

Furthermore, because of the inexpensive and flexible nature of accessories why not buy a luxury set of white towels. Then, as fashions change, buy a handful of vibrant, patterned and high design towels to add to your bundle and create a fresh and new image.

Alongside towels, bath mats and shower curtains why not consider adding colour through your window dressing. Shop around or buy a made to measure blind in a vibrant fabric or stripe which will act as the colour scheme for the rest of room. Furthermore, there is a huge range of bathroom designed paints and wallpapers which can create a fantastic focal point or feature wall if the room is of substantial enough size.

Finally, for the modernists amongst us, why not get technical and look at creating a colour scheme using light. Speak to specialists who can advise you on the huge range of bathroom safe light appliances that can sit underneath your bathroom cabinet, sink or shower and throw a burst of colourful light on to your walls similar to the effect seen in bars and nightclubs. Choose from a huge range of colours to reflect your mood and change your otherwise white elements in purples, reds, greens and pinks!

Whatever your choice, do be sure to balance the necessity for practicality and desire for design. Create your design using bathroom safe but versatile and inexpensive accessories such as towels, vases, wall art and lighting that can be easily changed as your tastes develop.

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