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Choosing Blinds

With so many different types of blinds on the market today it can often be difficult to decide which ones to choose. Amongst the most popular nowadays are Roman, Venetian, horizontal, vertical, wood, fabric, roller, wooden and metal blinds- more than enough to make your head spin as you blink in disbelief and try to take it all in standing in the window dressings aisle of your local B&Q! Each type of blind is designed to fit a particular requirement or create a certain mood, some are at the cutting edge of contemporary, others where first conceived thousands of years ago, so yes, they are certainly a varied bunch. Confused? Read on…

First things first- don’t panic, increased choice is never a bad thing as long you don’t allow yourself to be confused into a panic buy.

The roller blind is probably the best “entry level” blind, the tab top curtain of the blind world. It cheap, effective and generally goes with anything. The beauty of this blind however lies in its scope for personalisation- made of little more than a roll of fabric wrapped around a tube it is quite literally a blank canvas. There is so much you can do to it. You can colour it, add frills, add borders, paint patterns on it, attach beads- you really are limited only by the size of your imagination.

Recognising the roller blinds potential, some clever companies have gone as far as to offer you opportunity to have your favourite family snaps transformed into blinds or. This clever little idea is especially good for people with less than scenic views outside their houses- send in a holiday shot of say, New York and you could be looking at the Big Apple rather than the big car park around the back of Sainsbury’s! Roller blinds are brilliant for children’s bedrooms, teenage hangouts or modern homes on a budget.

Moving up a notch you have Roman blinds and fabric finish Venetians. Perfect for more decorative, classic tastes these slightly pricier fabric blinds would perfectly compliment anything from the country cottage to the Edwardian

townhouse. Some of the more popular fabric types include floral or stripe designs and are usually found in muted oyster tones or shades of off white and cream making them perfect for those who want to find a comfortable middle ground somewhere in between the more extreme style poles minimal and neo gothic. Remember though- not all fabric blinds offer substantial blackout, just like curtains have to have blackout lining added, fabric blinds have to be bought in extra thick fabric cuts if they are too offer complete sun block.

For those who are really wanting to make a statement and are willing to push the price boat out a little further then horizontal and vertical blinds in a wood or metal finish are definitely what you’re looking for. The harder more tangible the materials not only scream quality but they make real features out of your window areas. Wood will bring warmth and elegance to modern setting whereas metal brings with it a sense of futuristic cool, both provide virtual blackout from the sun and would therefore be perfect for a home cinema room or bedroom.

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