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The Pit Patter of Tiny Feet on your Pristine Parquet Flooring: designing your baby’s nursery

Having your first baby can not only transform and enhance your lives but also your home. The joyous addition to your family brings with it considerations of safety, practicality, enjoyment and education. From the coffee table to crib, parents begin to assess each element of their home to ensure their baby will be as safe and at home as they are. From safety precautions to fairy themed mobiles the adaptations are vast and ever changing as your child grows. This article however will take you through some versatile, practical, safe and fun ways to decorate your child’s nursery.

Start at the Very Beginning

As touched upon, the needs of you and your baby will constantly change as they grow. From a changing mat to a play mat to a dance mat, the child’s nursery or bedroom has to be versatile to enable these transitions. Consequently, it is advised that when looking to furnish the nursery choose furniture in a durable and readily available material such as oak which will not only last but also enable you to add pieces as and when required.

By doing this you will keep cost to a minimum and only need to buy single items such as a bed or desk when needed. Similarly, shop around to find a nappy changing unit with removable shelves that can later be used for toys or a wardrobe with adjustable storage installations. These features should ensure that the furniture will still be useful in years to come.

Whilst choosing your furniture, keep safety requirements at the forefront of your mind. Choose styles with smooth edges and mechanisms to avoid trapped fingers. Remember, within reason, the safer your child’s room is, the less apprehensive you will be if they are left on their own in their room.

Flexible Fun

Once the practical elements have been considered and decided it is hugely important that you then create a stimulating and comforting environment for your baby. Choose a design theme whether it be your favourite characters or, in later years, their favourite imaginary game or bedtime story. Consider bedding, lighting, storage, toys, displays, wallpaper and paints to create this finish. For a nursery, keep the walls relatively neutral and choose delicate patterns, mobiles, soft toys and pictures to create a cosy, quiet and tranquil space.

As your child grows and becomes more aware choose more stimulating colours and textures. Even consider painting a scene on a wall to bring their imaginary games to life. For more subtle finishes shop around to see the huge range of bed canopies, lampshades, bedding sets and curtains to create a theme in a more flexible and cost effective way.

To summarise, by initially choosing a high quality and versatile furniture range, you can create a soft a peaceful nursery which can be gradually developed and adapted to create an exciting and truly personalised space for your child. By saving money on entire suites of furniture you can afford to spend the time and finances on fun and educational additions for the room.

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