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Purple Is The New Black?

Purple…the mix of blue and red, the colour of egg plants and fresh bruises. Could this really be a viable contender against the ever dominant black? Maybe not in the world of skirts, dresses and fashionistas, but in our homes and on our walls? Certainly. The colour itself has long been associated with royalty, wealth and majesty due to the dyes rarity and expense in days gone by. It was also the favourite of Cleopatra, so if you fancy yourself as a bit regal and grand this is certainly the colour for you.

The colour purple is evidently already a favourite for 2009 with Dulux having introduced an entire new paint range in ‘Mystical Violets’. A sure sign that it is the colour to be using; it has also been featured in design magazines such as Elle Decor, on the cover no less.

Maybe reasons for its popularity are the fact it is so diverse. It ranges from the super light, near to off white Lilacs right through to the rich, dark and intense shades, meaning it can be adapted to any room and help achieve the overall look and feel you are aiming for.

For bedrooms there are the Lilacs, Violets and Lavenders that are all softer, more delicate and more romantic. They’re not very imposing and can be added to all walls, teamed with white linens and sheer readymade curtains give a very feminine feel to a space – perfect for a young girl’s room. For something more grown up, have the Lavender on one wall while covering the others in a tonal grey. Then bring the colour wall out with shades of purple bed covers, cushions and other accessories. Using darker tones such as Aubergine, Grape and Plum will create a sultry, sexy and very sophisticated room. Using velvets, silks and luxurious heavy materials will enhance this feel, resulting in an intense boudoir.

Similar methods can be used in living spaces teaming it with browns and grey tones will be more subtle, while adding contrasting orange and greens will have more dramatic effects for the braver amongst us. At this time of the year now that the sun is finally shining the lighter more airy shades are great for giving that summer feel to your home, but as the months go on the darker shades can be introduced. Paint one feature wall that deeper shade, bring out a heavy velvet throw or a large Aubergine rug, transforming the light and airy summer space into a wonderfully warm snug ready for the cold winter.

Purple accessories are huge right now. There are ranges of wall paper with amazing prints on, Small Table Lamps with shades covered in lavender patterns, chairs upholstered in glorious mauve material creating real focal point furniture. As well as rugs, sofas, tables, and all the vases and pictures you can imagine. Available in every shade and it’s these smaller details that will tie your room together.

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