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Outside Inside – Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

As the heat rises and the weather gradually improves people begin to drawer back their curtains and welcome in the outdoors. This summer why not make this a permanent move and bring some long term outdoor themes in to your home. From a vase of flowers to a complete design scheme this article takes you through some easy and stylish ways to bring the summer crashing through your doors.

It’s all In the Detail

Elements of the outdoors can be quickly and cheaply added to any design scheme. For example why not update your room with a new piece of wall art depicting a forest, the coast, the sky or flowers. Alongside this why not add some handpicked, professionally made or fake flowers to bring some texture, character and life in to your room. Or for a more contemporary or masculine addition why not get outdoors and collect some interesting pieces of bark and branches. Give them a clean and position on your fireplace or in a tall clear vase for a funky feature. For a more sensual contribution purchase a water feature and position on a side table or shelf to create a relaxing and beautiful addition.

Be Absorbed

For the more adventurous of us, or for those who simply need to re-decorate, it is also very effective to create a complete design scheme based on an outdoor theme. Firstly you need to choose your inspiration whether it is a postcard, holiday photograph, favourite walk, surrounding scenery or artefact. This element should provide you with some key indicators for creating your scene including colours, textures, formations, light and sound.

Begin by finding wallpaper or paint in a complementary colour or perhaps with a striped, trellis or botanical pattern and use this on a feature wall to sit at the centre of your scheme. Whatever your choice keep your walls relatively light and neutral to maximise the feeling of space and sunlight in the room. For your upholstery and curtains consider plains with complementary textures or prints that help accentuate the theme. If doing a seaside theme consider linens, hessians and silks to represent the various elements.

For a forest theme consider plain cottons, stripy chenille or wool mixes. Finally the key to any of these design themes is the accessorising. Although your theme should be evident and strong it is also important not to make your room too cliché. Consequently avoid very obvious elements such as ships in bottles and pictures of animals. Instead be more subtle and consider textures, shapes and colours.

For example, wrapping your coffee table legs in rope will be minimal yet reflect the nautical theme. Placing two metal rectangular plant pots with neatly trimmed grass is a funky alternative to a typical plant feature. Finally, whatever your choices and whatever your inspirations your decision to base a room design on an outdoors theme underlines your enjoyment of the outdoors. Consequently, open your doors and windows and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. After a long days walk, climb or even sunbath your home should then be your place to sit back, relax and reminisce on the days events.

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