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Interior Design

Balance Shelving

Whether it is one floating shelf or a wall of bookcases nearly every house requires some element of shelving. For many, however, shelving is seen as an over practical piece of furniture destined to be unattractive, cluttered and domineering. This however does not have to be the case. Created by design genius Sir Terrance Conran balance shelving is a relatively new concept with an almost retro essence that has revolutionised how we stack our shelves. From CDs to books to entertainment systems there are now contemporary and stylish shelving units to suit your requirements.

The shelving unit itself is a number of wooden box shaped shelves stacked together randomly on top of one another seeming to maintain their position through a central balancing point. This very simple combination has an almost step like finish creating a selection of individually sized compartments. The unclear or unpredictable formation of the shelving unit also gives it an almost lightweight and floating effect.

The small compartments created by the unit’s structure are ideal places for storage whether it is used for a display area for accessories or a more practical storage unit for books. The frequent vertical edges also mean that, when shelving books, they will stand neatly without the use of ugly book ends. If displaying accessories try to distribute the colour and textures throughout the unit and even consider leaving some compartments empty for a more contemporary look. As with all displays; accessories work well in groups of threes and when placed in this way, will help to accentuate the horizontal lines of the unit.

This design also has fantastic qualities for being used as a room divide in open plan houses, studios and apartments. The lightweight finish yet tall and wide frame enable this piece to sit nicely behind a dining suite or sofa to create defined areas within a room. If using the piece for this reason, do ensure that your accessories or belongings look attractive from both sides of the unit. Furthermore, it may be useful to buy storage boxes to hide some items from on the shelves.

Alongside the classic 120cm x 180cm unit there is also a huge range of complementary smaller pieces of furniture to add to your home. Consider a lower or narrower unit to sit as a side board, within an alcove or stand more subtly behind your sofa. If choosing a lower option, because of its more accessible height, this choice is ideal to house an entertainment unit, TV or mirror. To complement these pieces why not purchase a couple of side tables to hold your cup of tea, magazines and remote controls. Or finally, choose a long and low piece to use as a funky and hugely practical TV unit or coffee table.

The balance shelving collection is a unique yet almost timeless collection whose practical properties and stylish qualities lend it to most storage requirements. For a hugely contemporary finish opt for several pieces from the collection or, to be more understated, choose one or two feature pieces.

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