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Clean up your act: Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom, one room of the house that the entire family is in and out of throughout the day or using it at least twice (hopefully, dependant on how high hygiene is ‘up there’ on the old priorities list). The place where you take relaxing ‘escape from the world’ baths or ‘arrrgghhh I’m late’ 3 second showers. It’s also a room that visitors will see, and who doesn’t like a snoop around other peoples bathrooms …ummm hmmmm, not just me then. Therefore, in an ideal world, the place should be a design gem: inviting, warm, tidy, pleasing to the eye, a haven of cleanliness, all the while maintaining its practicality and withstanding its daily use. It’s a tough balance to maintain.

The definitive aspect of the bathroom is the sanitary wear, the bath; basin and toilet are the key pieces that are the base of any bathroom design. The choice made depends entirely on your personal situation. If you intend on keeping the suite for a good few years, then going for a classic white is the best option. White matches everything, has timeless style and a clean sleek look. It will suit a simple modern minimalistic look or there are art deco designs available to give your space that extra flare. If, on the other hand, you’re in a position to change your bathroom suite as often as you take a bath, then there are numerous choices out there. Elaborate basins of glass, chrome and aluminium, custom made baths, wooden, steel and stone baths… the list goes on. But, as with any fashionable items, they are out of vogue as soon as they are in. Having a feature bath or sink is a solution to this problem, something that can be changed as and when you want to, without having to have an entire bathroom overhaul.

Mirrors are vital in any bathroom, as bathrooms are often smaller than you would like, they create a great sense of space, plus this is the room where the majority of preening and posing is done so a big old mirror taking over one wall is always useful. They can also enhance the chosen style you are aiming for, decorative elaborate ones give that luxury feel, sleek simple shapes completed with Mirror Lamps gives that contemporary look. Lighting a bathroom is important, spotlights to set into the ceiling for general lighting, with task lighting over mirrors and basins works well.

The style you do your bathroom in is a completely personal choice, but here are a few ideas of this year’s trends: The Hotel Style. Often incorporates His and Her theme, meaning there are two basins and two vanity storage areas. This look is the essence of luxury while being super practical. Teamed with large oversize slick black tiles and white sanitary wear gives a sophisticated yet sexy appeal. If space is available adding a chair into the room enhances that hotel luxury feel.

The Natural look remains popular. By using large stone, limestone or slate tiles on the floor and walls, and mixing theme with rich browns and soft creams creates a wonderfully warm room, perfect for relaxing with candles and wine. Add to this wooden shelves or wooden Vertical Blinds to give it that Zen feeling.

The Vintage Luxury look is all about the bath. A freestanding bath is vital. It gives that glamorous look of a time gone by, with the option to be double ended with the taps central. These baths suite any decor, whether black and sensuous or all white and clean. By added elaborate taps and mirrors and any other period accessories you will achieve a truly Hollywood feel.

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