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Eighties, Love them or hate them, they’re back!

It seems that every 20 to 30 years trends seem to come back around, gain momentum and re-emerge, que the 80’s.

Do you remember big hair, shoulder pads, neon and psychedelic prints? Well don’t panic, this time round its much more subtle and a lot less in your face. Some of the more savoury bands are making a come back, you can now go and see the likes of Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, even the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, strutting their stuff whilst belting out classics that you know all the words and dance moves to. And on the tv, the 80’s are currently being re-visited in the BBC drama Ashes to Ashes. It would seem to the unsuspecting person that the 80’s were taking over!

Flat pack furniture was making an appearance towards the end of the decade, a trend currently championed by the likes of Ikea and Argos, with lava lamps and shag carpets having been a major part of any self respecting individual’s home furnishings in the earlier 80’s both seeing revivals. A dinner party would consist of cheese and pineapple hedgehogs, prawn cocktails, coq au van and chocolate fondue, a trend that thankfully might not be making an appearance this time around, and if you didn’t own an item of tie-dyed clothing then you truly weren’t cool, although I think this time you will be let off without it!

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Catrell are giving shoulder pads a fresh look, more feminine and delicate, while batwing tops are re-appearing but much more refined and show none of the shapeless remnants of days gone by.

Today you can incorporate a touch of the 80’s with minimal effort, and with none of the embarrassment you may associate with it. Why not add a splash of neon colour to your home in the form of electric pink curtains. This will not only brighten up an otherwise dull area, but can also help to inject a bit of adventure into your home life.

Bold items of furniture can add vibrance to your rooms, as can wallpaper and other soft furnishings. To ensure you incorporate your favourite elements of the 80’s into your design make sure you thoroughly research products and stockists beforehand, as you wouldn’t want to design your room in your mind, only to find the products you wanted cannot be found.

Rugs are no longer to be found in garish greens and blues, but in more neutral tones such as latte, and soft chocolate, and can be stylishly incorporated into your living areas without shouting out ‘I’m from the 80’s’. Bean bags have always been a firm favourite in children’s dens, but they are now being seen as extra seating, people are going back to basics in order to create a warm, inviting space in which to sit and relax that isn’t going to break the budget or leave the room feeling cramped and small.

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