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Effective Design within a Rented Property

Especially in the volatile housing market we are currently experiencing, to many, renting is the most cost effective and beneficial way of living. Whether it is an apartment for a young professional or large family home difficulties arise when looking to add your design tastes to a rented property. Dependant on your landlord there are various restrictions such as existing furniture, wall coverings, carpets and wall hangings that limit your design freedoms. Consequently this article guides you through some effective ways of adding your personal touch within the bounds of your tenant agreement.

Versatility Is the Key

It is highly unlikely that you will end up living in a rented property for your entire lifetime. Consequently, when looking to furnish and decorate your rooms do remember that the items you buy will ideally also move with you to your next property. Choose furniture and accessories which are adaptable and specific to your personality not the home. For example, opt for a modular sofa which can be positioned dependant on the dimensions of your room, and similarly, more modules can be bought if you move to a larger property. Choose lots of different yet co-ordinating scatter cushions that will work well as a group on your bed yet equally effective if used as pairs on armchairs in your next property. With regards to window dressings, this can be more difficult. If feasible try to use curtains where possible as these are more likely to be usable within other properties whether they are stand alone, teamed with other curtains or cut to size for a smaller window.

Less Is More

When restrained by limitations such as the number of holes you are allowed to make within a wall it can be difficult to adequately dress your rooms. To try and make the most of the scope you have remember less is more. Instead of choosing lots of small canvasses or photo frames make a statement. Opt for a large contemporary piece of wall art, classic mirror or multi photo frame. Similarly, to create a real wow factor for a relatively small cost buy or have made a very large light weight canvas frame which you can stretch a vivid patterned fabric over of your choice. Hung behind a bed or sofa this can create a real focal point similar to the effect created by a feature wall. If the canvas does not fit or complement future properties you can carefully remove the fabric and use it for cushions or curtains.

Stand Free

Finally, another versatile yet effective way to add a design element to your rented home is by using free standing objects. Consider a retro armchair, tall palm plant, floor light, figurine or shelving unit as ways of creating not only some height but a quirky design feature within the room. If possible, to try and create a sense of balance, ensure there is more than one taller element within the design scheme to enhance the feeling of symmetry.

Finally, if you are planning on staying in the property for the foreseeable future why not discuss with your landlord options for decorating if the scheme is mutually developed. Similarly, if lucky, you may be asked by your landlord to help in the decisions of any improvements or maintenance work carried out on the property.

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