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German Design- HUF Haus

German design is famous for its no nonsense, cool efficiency. What is proven by the likes of famous Bavarian brands such as Mercedes, Adidas and Levi Strauss (surprised by that one?) is that the Germans give us names you can trust, they get things done… done in style. In terms of their architecture, nowhere is this more true than in the case of famous home builders HUF Haus- roughly translated as HUF House! The company name is synonymous in Germany with the standards and commitment of a family business that is now in its third generation. Their hugely impressive and expansive portfolio of work reflects a deep bond with basic materials like glass and timber, and a clear idea of the value that goes into building. Though respectful of traditional methods and materials, HUF Haus designs homes with one eye firmly fixed on the future, they create living architecture that is easily modified or added to, that will therefore open new living horizons to coming generations. In admirably German fashion, HUF Haus demands perfection at each and every stage in the building process from planning to completion and are completely uncompromising in their demand for quality in every detail. This approach not only roots the company firmly in German design heritage through its traditional approach to post and beam design, it puts HUF amongst the most forward thinking design houses in Europe.

The distinctive feature of a HUF Home is its post and beam architecture. The beauty of this timber frame concept is that the designer is completely free of the constraints of load-bearing, space dividing walls, so homes feel expansive and free flowing in a way brick built homes cannot easily match. It gives HUF designs their unrivalled breadth, openings and vast spaces. Wall to ceiling glazing opens the view on the surrounding nature, making it part of the living experience- this does however make a good set of blinds or properly lined and interlined curtains a bit of a must! The spirit of the Bauhaus is clearly alive and well in HUF homes, where everything has its purpose and nothing is wasted. The typical German design traits of streamlining, solid reasoning and function weighed up perfectly against style all add up to give HUF designs a unique, timeless aesthetic value. The adaptability of their approach to design guarantees that every HUF house is an original tailored perfectly to the needs and wishes of its future occupant. Size, floor plan design and interior furnishings are all built to personal specification and, without any huffing (sorry) or puffing can be altered at any point in the design process- HUF HAUS really do turn domestic dreams into realities.

We are promised in the company’s mission statement that “Every wish comes true in a HUF Home”, and as we know, German design sticks to its promises. No matter what the brief, HUF HAUS delivers the built-in flexibility that makes a house a home for life- try getting that when next on the phone to your local builder!

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