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The City Slicker Garden

Apartment living has made a massive comeback over the last few years. Younger home buyers or even those who have children that have flown the nest and are now wanting to enjoy their new-found freedom are relocating to the city centre. It isn’t hard to see why, in terms of amenities and entertainment, city living has so much to offer and is perfect for those who thrive off the hustle and bustle. However living in the city does create something of a challenge when it comes to maintaining any type of garden. The wind, heat, car exhaust, and even the noise test the resilience of even the hardiest of plants – and often test the patience of the gardener, too.

A window box can offer an easy-to-maintain solution to this common complaint. True they aren’t the biggest of green areas but the calming affect of even the smallest amount of natural plant-life and the uplifting qualities of colourful, scent-filled flowers have both been proven to exist meaning a window box can provide the city slicker with just enough respite from sometimes tiring effect of the concrete jungle.

Exploiting any outside space, whether it’s a window sill, a small balcony or a roof terrace, makes good sense in these days of smaller homes and rising property prices.
Planters are perfect for brightening up spaces by a door, or alleviating dull flat roofs or blank walls. Why not experiment growing your own kitchen garden by planting up herbs in small containers. What could be better than using your home grown herbs when cooking? Growing herbs in your window box is a great option for those wanting to introduce a little home grown health to their diets.

The good news is that herbs are probably the easiest things that you can attempt to grow in a window box- perfect who anyone who is constantly on the go. There are however still a few secrets to successful window sill herb gardening. The first thing to bear in mind is the growing height of each herb- anything that grows too high will block your view and is liable to fall over in a strong wind. So which herbs are best for a window box? Chives, basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme are good choices. They’re easy to grow, and a small amount added to a recipe

will have a big impact on the flavour. Most herbs benefit from frequent snipping, but never cut more than one-third of the foliage at a time. Water must also be taken into consideration. Depending on whether your window box is inside or out, the amount you need to water it changes. Do not over-water your herbs if they are growing indoors; on the other hand, herbs growing in a box outside your window need frequent water, to compensate for evaporation from the wind.

Even if you only have limited outdoor space, you can still turn your hand to a bit of gardening. You can transform the look of your house or flat with window boxes and there is nothing more uplifting nor enjoyable than being greeted by a vibrant window box after a long day in the office.

Once your window garden is in bloom you could add to it further by reflecting the flowers or herbs in the pattern of your curtain fabric, or for a more modern feel you could stick to the theme of nature by fitting some wooden blinds.

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