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It’s Curtains for You!

Of all window dressings, curtains offer the most options for your home. Timeless and period transcending they offer a unique mix of functionality and decoration. However, so much choice available, it is fairly easy to get it wrong. When choosing the perfect curtain designs for your window coverings always keep in mind the style and function of the space.

Flowing drapes with a classy floral or Art Nouvea pattern will certainly add elegance and flair to a formal sitting or dining room, however if you were to choose the same type of curtain design for a child’s playroom or minimalist home the effect would be lost and the styles would clash. If style is important, proportion is vital; choosing the same drapes for a very small rectangular window area would simply overwhelm it and diminish it as an important home feature.

Let’s take a look at how the function of a room will dictate its needs when it comes to curtains. A kitchen or child’s play room would probably value safety, simplicity and the ease at which curtains can be cleaned or wiped or the usual decorative concerns. A bedroom however will require curtains that offer complete blackout to aid a better sleep. A conservatory or set of patio doors would be best served by drapes that allow people to easily navigate around them and ones that don’t billow when the doors are opened and would therefore require curtain tiebacks.

Besides offering privacy, protection from the sun and an element of decoration curtains can also help remedy the annoying problem of misshaped windows. An overly narrow window can be given extra width if enough fabric is used and the curtain tracks are set wider than the actual window. Conversely, wide windows can be given proportion through added height if a valance is used and positioned higher than usual.

Extremely versatile, they can be tailored to suit not only your needs but also your own personal taste and style. For example, f you like clean lines over ruffles and puffs, then pleated roman drapes can take the place of a balloon valance. These can be found in any colour and fabric selection to match both the room’s furnishings, function and your personal preferences. You can also find designer curtains in varying degrees of formality. So if your personal preference is for frills and flowers but without the stuffy connotations then the French country casual look is definitely the one for you.

Remember, you are the head architect of your home. Design rules are there only to guide you, if you are comfortable experimenting a little then you should always follow your instincts. Curtains don’t have to be consigned to windows alone. Why not add interest to a room with a curtained feature wall? Alternatively, try adding drama and suspense to your homes entrance by curtaining a narrow hallway on both sides and installing some atmospheric lighting? The design handbook will tell you not to, but you never know what you could come up with through a little rule bending.

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