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At Home in the Sun – Beautiful Italian Design

For a classical and regal finish without dark and overpowering tones why not opt for a beautiful and elegant Italian themed room. Think gods, think art, think light think understated. Traditional Tuscan design is airy and fresh whilst also maintaining a homey and conventional feel. Whether you intend to makeover a room or your entire house this article describes the basic elements and some innovative tips in creating the perfect Italian look.

Wash Out

In order to create the simplistic and airy finish required it is important to lighten your walls. Use ivories, creams and beiges to create a simple plastered effect or hire a mural artist to provide a more regal marble finish. Add large tiles in either a light stone, wood or marble effect to the floor and even consider using mosaic tiles for smaller areas such as door ways, bathrooms or kitchen splash backs. It is your choice whether to opt for plain or patterned mosaic tiles dependant on whether you want a traditional or more contemporary finish. Keep your window frames simple and use a wood stain to make them look their best. You may also want to add some authentic window shutters in wood or cast iron for a truly believable finish. Finally, if you are lucky enough to have genuine ceiling beams in your property take time to make them look their best and they will add to the traditional Tuscan feel.

From Pillar to Post

To maintain the Mediterranean and Italian feel keep your furniture traditional and elegant. Opt for natural or ivory wood stained furniture with classical detailing such as pillars, scrolls and engravings. Visit your local DIY store and have a go at staining and distressing any old pieces of furniture in your home that may tie in with your scheme. Try and find pieces with marble work tops or door handles to help create a sense of cohesiveness. Add large armoires and open shelving to create a more relaxed feel. Your fireplace should be tall, grand and marble if possible again with pillar detailing. Whatever your choices be sure to remain focused on whether you would prefer a more rustic or grand finish and thus choose furniture appropriately. For a more rustic finish a selection of woods will enhance the look whereas in a grander scheme you may want to coordinate the furniture more strictly.

Every Little Counts

To finish your design Tuscan style is accessorised with rustic ceramic and metal pots, beautiful statues of gods, traditional paintings and wall art, cast iron fixtures and flowers. Use your accessories, fabric and soft furnishings to incorporate warm and vibrant colours such as reds, oranges and yellows. Create charming detail such as stored dried pasta on kitchen surfaces, framed antique Italian advertisements and newspapers, old wine bottles as candle holders and suspended garlic and dried fruit in your kitchen. All these elements will help to contribute to the warm, charismatic yet opulent feel of your Mediterranean style home.

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