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Perfect Pool Tables for Traditional and Contemporary Homes

Across the globe and for hundreds of year’s pool tables have been a common site in families’ games or billiard rooms. An icon of male aristocracy and ‘laddish’ nights in the simple game has provided generations of friends and families with entertainment. Their large and domineering stature, with regards to interior design, does however cause some problems in most homes. The balance between practicality and style is often tilted towards your games room looking more like a bar than a warm and inviting entertainment room. With some research and patience however this does not have to be the case.

Your first and fundamentally most important decision is the style of your pool table itself. Dependant on the age of your property and your intentions for the room you may consider a traditional mahogany and green style or a more contemporary chrome and black option. The choices are endless and furthermore, dependant on your budget, it is even possible to have a bespoke design created. Similarly, if you already have a pool table which is looking tired and worn, why not have it restored with a new cloth and paint finish. Research to find a recommended and quality crafts man to do this for you as a poor finish can ruin a good pool table.

Alongside the more aesthetic elements also consider size and functionality in relation to your room. However much you may prefer a large professional sized table it is almost pointless if the players can not place their cue correctly because of obstructing walls etc. Furthermore, although some may argue otherwise, make sure the pool table is not lost within the room and does stand proudly as the central point of the space. To try and test out the size of a pool table use masking tape to mark out the dimensions on the carpet and ensure you can freely walk around and play without difficulty. With regards to functionality; it is also possible to buy multipurpose pool tables which can double up as a large drinks table during cocktail parties or poker nights. The removable surface sits neatly on top of the cloth and helps protect the table during larger parties or when not in use.

Once you are happy with the style and size of your pool table make sure to consider the accessories with as much consideration. Shop around to find a coordinating set of cues, cue rack, score board and triangle to maintain a sense of style within the room. Similarly make sure the design of the accessories coordinates with the pool table itself.

Finally, to finish off your room add a traditional or contemporary ceiling light over the table and try to find coordinating wall lights for the peripheries. Keep your walls plain and warm in colour to sit as a backdrop to the table and add traditional sporting memorabilia and advertisements in complementary frames to your design. To create comfort and protect your carpet along walkways lay a large yet simple rugs under the table in a plain yet coordinating shade. In unison, if you have stayed focused on the desire to coordinate and link the elements of the room using colour and style, your games room should have a sense of cohesiveness and relaxation for you and your friends to enjoy.

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