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Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian style interior design, all the rage in Britain during the 1950s, has over recent times experienced quite a dramatic comeback. Its sleek lines and neutral palette are essentially timeless and add a sense of elegance to any home or office. The Scandinavian look is a bright, airy style that makes you feel like you can breathe easier just by stepping into it. Developing organically from the need to illuminate Sweden’s harsh, long winter evenings, the look is carefully constructed to give the illusion of light and is a very homely and inviting style overall.

To begin your scheme, start with a base colour of white, cream or sky blue- colour in Scandinavian design is viewed as an opportunity to create the brightness of a summer sky with breezy clouds and cheerful vibes. Soft stencilling can really add to this feel with elements of nature used as inspiration. Complement the base with touches of warm yellow and gold, baby pink and bold red, grey and light green in the form of curtain fabrics, soft furnishings, bed linen and textiles. Patterns to look out for are simple linear or checked styles.

Maintain this light and bright approach when it comes to flooring by choosing blonde or pale woods- something that Scandinavia is famous for. Don’t forget your floor coverings, which will add real cosiness and warmth. Area rugs, runners and carpets should all be natural and pale. Wool, cotton, hide and suede are all perfect if chosen in lighter shades such as cream, beige, light brown or white- just remember to take off your shoes!

Typical Scandinavian style furniture is a mixture of straight lines with gently curved detailing. Legs are generally thin and tapered. Benches and bench-like sofas are a staple of Scandinavian style interior design. Commonly, these pieces are set on six legs with minimal upholstery or separate seat cushions. Blonde woods: white pine, ash, and beech are the norm. These may also be bleached or painted a pale yellow or white. Carved accents, such as fluted legs and scrolled table borders, are frequently found. Avoid anything too imposing; furniture should be fairly jaunty with folk influences.

Above all, when filling your rooms, try to be selective over what you include. Overly decorated rooms full of knick-knacks run the risk of undermining the light, airy feel you’ve worked to create. Rather than adding clutter with lots ornaments, instead accessorize your décor with mirrors to create the illusion of even more open space and to reflect light, and use light colour accents like blue and white china, silver and glass to add shine and style.

Once completed, you are sure to love your Scandinavian themed home. It truly is a year round style, helping you stay bright and cheery whilst still feeling snug in winter and fresh and breezy during spring and summer months. Its palette of natural materials and calm colours ensures real longevity to your scheme, allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that once the paintbrushes are put away, they won’t be making another appearance quite some time!

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