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Tip Top Ideas for Table Lamps

Although ceiling and wall lighting are fabulous and hugely effective ways of introducing light in to a room; smaller table lamps are the best way to create more intimate and localised light sources as well as providing a versatile solution for task lights. Alongside their more practical benefits these lamps can also add significantly to the interior design of the room. The huge array of sizes, styles and mechanisms can however make this choice a difficult decision. This article will guide you through the various styles and choices available to ensure you find the ideal solution for your home.

Alongside the bedroom, the living room is a key area ideal for adding table lights. Whether on a side-board, shelf or perched on small coffee tables these additions help to create the soft and cosy atmosphere desirable for any lounge or bedroom area. When looking at the various styles available try to choose a lamp which brings together the other design elements within your room. For example, in a contemporary space, opt for a linear or boxed shape in man made materials such as glass, plastic or chrome.

If applicable, keep the shade simplistic and coordinating perhaps in a similar shape to other objects in the room. Also, if you feel confident, why not consider scale as a way of creating a design feature in your home. For example, choose and overly tall lamp to accentuate the vertical lines of a wallpaper or a very wide lamp to place in the centre of a shelf as an ornament in its own right.

For a more traditional feel again use both the lamp stand and shade to repeat design elements from within the room. Choose from porcelain, bronze, wood or gold and create a sculptural feature with the lamp that complements the other accessories and textures in the design scheme. Add a coordinating lamp shade with fringing or beading if desired to complete the look. When choosing a lamp for your room, be sure to avoid purchasing a clashing shade and lamp stand. If the stand is simple and sculptured you are free to opt for a more intricate shade. If the stand is hand painted and decorative keep the shade coordinating but plain.

Alongside the more decorative table lamps you may also require lighting to be positioned in areas for activity such as reading, painting or writing. Although these lamps need to fulfil a tighter practical specification they can indeed still contribute effectively to your interior design scheme. For modern homes there are a huge range of beautiful and minimalist chrome table lamps which arch over a chair or table to provide and excellent light source. In more traditional properties search around for bronze or gold desk lamps or even consider an authentic green glassed bankers lamp for your task area. These smaller features will help to strengthen your design and add a genuinely traditional element to the scheme.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary choose lamps which contribute effectively to your design as well as aiding practical day to day activities. Consider style, form, colour, texture, scale and pattern when browsing the huge selection available to ensure your lamp is the perfect solution for your home.

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