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Inventive and Ingenious Ways to Illuminate Your Home

Although often kept as an after thought lighting is hugely influential in creating the atmosphere and effect an interior design scheme has and furthermore the overall practicality of a room. From simply illuminating the space to providing intense light for studying the positioning of light sources is what inevitably makes your room usable. Alongside typical table lamps and floor lights it is possible to be creative with your light sources to create a design feature in its own right. Consequently, this article will take you through some innovative ways to provide light through built in and concealed light fittings.

The most applicable and most effective place to install built in lighting is in the kitchen where under-shelf spotlights are used to illuminate your work surface in a minimalist and highly practical way. Ideally these can be included as part of your kitchen installation and can be discussed with your kitchen designer from the very beginning.

If however you already have built in kitchen units it is possible to purchase under-shelf light fittings which you can install at a later date which provide exactly the same effect. The effect these lights provide create a much more interesting and less sterile finish and atmosphere for your kitchen.

These same installations are also ideal for more aesthetic requirements such as illuminating a display cabinet in your kitchen or living room or adding light to a shelving unit. This not only means it is easier to see the items contained within the unit but it also creates a design feature from what could otherwise be rather mundane and boring. Also use this effect behind frosted or stained glass doors to accentuate the texture and colours provided by the panels.

For the brave amongst us you can also use built in lighting to create the central design point for a room. Consider buying an illuminated mirror for your bathroom, or fit a long neon tube behind your bed head to create an effective up light on the back drop wall. Or for the ultimate in ultra modern design; purchase a piece of luminous furniture which, whether it is a chair or table, has a great soft glow all of its own. Whatever your choices make sure the effect provided is in keeping with your design scheme and acts to enhance not confuse the room.

Generally speaking, if you are being creative with the light distribution keep the walls, curtains, upholstery and pattern elsewhere very simple as to not detract from the beams. Alongside this keep the shapes and formations of your furniture and so on linear and simplistic. Understandably this kind of effect is more unsuitable in a traditional property where softer under-shelf lighting is much more in keeping.

From neon tubes, to simple table lamps the effect light has on creating an atmosphere and style within a room should never be left unconsidered. Instead be creative and sophisticated with the placement and pattern of light sources to reinforce your design scheme and create a room bursting with character and personality.

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