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Making the Most of Alcoves

Alcoves, and other small spaces, can be a challenge to decorate. Yet, with a little ingenuity you will find that small spaces don’t have to be so difficult. The trick is to view these spaces as extensions of the larger room they support, and to envision them as an accent piece for the larger room. When put good use they can prove to extremely useful spaces that help to give your home some individuality.

When decorating a small space, the steps you would follow are not too dissimilar to those you might take when decorating a larger area such as a bedroom or living room- so don’t fear, you’ve here before! You need to be very clear from the outset what you want to gain from the spaces. What are your needs, could you with some extra storage space or would you like to create a cosy corner for curling up with a coffee and long chats to loved ones on the telephone? Some great uses for alcoves are:

  • A built-in storage and display cabinet for you best china in a dinning room.
  • A mini library or book storage in a study or home office
  • A built-in media centre to house your T.V. stereo, DVD player, C.D. collection etc.
  • A place to adequately house and light a loved piece of artwork or framed photograph.
  • An alcove in a hallway is an ideal place to build a closet for coats, shoes, umbrellas etc, leaving your entrance clutter free and inviting.
  • A larger alcove can brilliantly house a breakfast nook or diner style booth, making mealtimes more fun and more convenient whilst freeing up space normally needed elsewhere for a large kitchen or dining room table.
  • A mini office area.

When it comes to decorating your alcove, remember that the colour or wallpaper that you choose can affect its dimensions and visibility. Matching its colour to that of the rest of the room will make it less visible and it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. Choosing a contrasting colour will help to highlights its presence- this is helpful for drawing attention to artwork or signifying a different use for that area. A darker colour will help increase the intimacy of a dining area- which is perfect for two but may make the area feel rather small if you have a family to seat. An interesting way to increase the feel of space quiet dramatically is to fit a full size mirror that covers the whole of the indented wall. Calmer colours are perfect for study areas as they will help you to relax.

Remember, your alcove doesn’t always have to be visible. Fitting a discrete tension rod along the top edge of the area will allow you to fit a lightweight tab top curtain– really handy for quickly hiding away an old television when it’s not in use or a messy desk when guests come over. In a child’s bedroom, children’s curtains can be used to hide away a toy corner, making bedrooms much less hazardous. This flexibility will make your alcove a valued part of your home.

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