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Beach House Style

Everyone has fond memories of a favourite beach holiday so why not bring those lazy days home where you can enjoy that relaxed feeling every day of the year? Beach-house interior design brings the outside in so you can bask in all the comforts of the natural world. Today we will take a look at the simple ways you can make your home a permanent beach getaway with whitewash, recycled timber, seaside accessories, mix-and-match furniture and open-plan living. Be creative and bring your ideal beach house to everyday life.

A successful beach house theme is based on the colors, textures, and accessories of the sea and the seashore. Bright colors, rough sand-like textures, and interesting accessories that help to bring the outdoors inside are all essential elements to beach house design. Practicality, too, is important. Furnishings and textiles need to be sturdy enough to stand up to the salt air and wet bodies, as well as being attractive.

The colors of beach house design reflect the sky, sea, sand, and sunlight found at the shore. Sunny yellow and shades of white reflect the lovely weather. Blues, from deep navy to vibrant azure, mirror the changing hues of the water. Taupe, ecru, and shades of beige complement these colors and are reminiscent of the sand.

Mixing texture is a great way to add interest to a beach home. Stones and pebbles, seashells, wood left bare, course curtain fabrics and plants are all great ways to vary the textures around your home whilst maintaining a natural theme.

Beach house furniture is stylish but sturdy and often has a dual function. Coffee tables with storage underneath, sofa-beds and mirrored cabinets are prime examples.

Essential pieces for a beach home include a large kitchen/dining room table, big enough to seat the family and several guests. A battered wooden plank-style table with simple chairs or benches is ideal.

Living room furniture should also be sturdy and create a welcoming retreat for the family after a day outdoors. Slipcovers for upholstered pieces are fantastic for enjoying family time without worrying about making a mess. By softening the shape of your settee with loosely fitting slipcovers you will also help to lessen their formality, adding to that typically beach home breeziness.

Accessories feature prominently in a beach home. Clutter is never a good thing but knick knacks and things found on a walk along the sea front will all add to the charm and homeliness of your decor. Items, such as miniature lighthouses, fishing nets hung on the wall, seaside pub signs, nautical themed table lamps and ships’ wheels are all well suited for a beach home. Seashells, too, can be introduced in jars, under glass, or in shadowboxes for a seaside effect. Larger shells can be set around the house as conversation pieces and as reminders of that special day at the sea.

Beach house design is fun and casual with easy style. A simple and inexpensive style to create, it is a perfect way to bring all of the freshness and vitality of the natural world into your home.

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